ICE FOUNTAIN WEDDING SPARKLERS has the perfect range of ice fountain Wedding sparklers for your wedding.
Celebrating your love with an ice fountain wedding sparklers at your wedding reception is a fantastic visual that can enhance the theme of your wedding.
Ice fountain wedding sparklers suit any seasonal wedding, it doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or winter, an Ice fountain wedding sparkler is a spectacle that always demands attention.
Amplify Attention with Ice fountain wedding sparklers
Keep eyeballs on its sparkling magnificence with wedding sparklers to amplify its presence.
Go that extra step further and create the ultimate sparkling visual by adding in some sparklers to really blow your guests away!
Bringing Ice fountain wedding sparklers into your wedding theme can be a brilliant way of lighting up the entertainment value of your wedding reception. You can use wedding sparklers in just about any other event of the day.
Places to use Ice fountain wedding sparklers to enhance the centrepiece
From introducing the couple and toasting the speeches, right up to the most elegant displays of sparkling glory for everyone to enjoy.
A huge champagne bottle with Ice fountain wedding sparklers makes for plenty of interesting photo opportunities throughout the reception. Have your photographer set up and take pictures of everybody as they admire the spectacle!
How to present sparkling ice fountain wedding sparklers
Your sparklers will only get one opportunity for a huge visual impact and that is as its brought into the venue for the first time.
The sparklers should be prepared and lit as it is brought into the venue to allow for maximum sparkler burn of around 1 minute.
What makes Ice fountain wedding sparklers Different
Ice fountain wedding sparklers are made of small tubes that keep their heat and spark away from the cake or champagne at all times, extending the life of the effect while adding to the visual impact.
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Real advice
Speak to your wedding planner about including sparklers into your wedding theme. If you want to share ideas on what you think might be a great way to use sparklers at your wedding day’s events, then we are available for a chat.
Email us at any time with you questions on how our sparklers can liven up the visual component of your wedding day and turn it into a creative expression of love that you will remember forever.
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