Are you looking to increase the visual value of your wedding reception? Then has the range of indoor sparklers to turn your wedding reception from the mundane to the magnificent.
Indoor wedding sparklers for better wedding receptions
Indoor wedding sparklers available from have the perfect means to enhance your wedding theme with some sparkling action.
A word on safety when it comes to Indoor Wedding Sparklers
Our indoor wedding sparklers burn safely, leaving no excessive smoke or spark dust after their sparkle has been extinguished.
We always put a high priority on our client’s safety, especially at their wedding reception and out indoor wedding sparklers can be used with piece of mind.
Give your wedding guests a quick safety tip sheet on lighting and extinguishing the sparkler. You can even personalise their very own packets of sparklers with a thank you note on the reverse!
The right time & place for indoor wedding sparklers
There is a time and a place for wedding sparklers, use them at specific times of the reception to promote engagement from your guests and create a sparkling visual spectacle for your wedding photos.
  • The couple's entrance
  • Calling the speeches
  • The first dance
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • Escorting the couple from the venue
Create outstanding sparkling visuals that make for some very impressive wedding photos. Use long exposure shots to have your guests leave you special messages with sparkling fonts.
A picture paints a thousand words, but now you can paint the words into the photo with a long exposure lens and some indoor wedding sparklers.   
You are only limited by your own creativity when it comes to using wedding sparklers to bring quality entertainment and beaming smiles to the faces of your guests.
Our Indoor Wedding Sparklers Sizes & Colours have the range of sizes and colours that you need for any indoor sparkling idea in any colour that you can imagine.
From 10cm to 45cm, compared to other wedding sparkler suppliers, we have sparklers that burn slowly and brightly, making for more value for your money.
Keeping up with trends
Wedding sparklers are the new confetti and their use in wedding ceremonies and receptions is becoming more common as people begin to see the impressive visual impact that they can make on the big day’s events.
Keep your wedding day trendy and fashionable with the best indoor wedding sparklers. Sparklers are all over the covers of wedding magazines and the pages of websites with their striking ability to capture the attention of anyone in visual range.
Order yours online, with a simple order process and checkout. Receive fast shipping anywhere in the UK
We value every packet of sparklers we send to our client to be the very best in sparkler quality available in the UK. Our customer service department is on call and ready to chat with you about any concerns that you may have.
If you have some ideas you would like advice on, drop us an email, or speak to your wedding planner about how indoor wedding sparklers can liven up your big day!