Spell out your love for one another with wedding-sparklers.co.uk. We have a range of sparklers that let you put any message you want in the air and capture a snapshot of it to be remembered.
The Power of Words with Letter Wedding Sparklers
Letter wedding sparklers can bring a new edge to your wedding theme and they have the ability to bring visual life to a wide variety of the day’s events,
If you want to maximise your guest’s engagement, give them some letter wedding sparklers to have some sparkling fun. Watch them bond a help each other, with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts.
Give them a note with some ideas or a schedule on when to use the sparklers. Helping them to co-ordinate can create an impressive group visual that your wedding photographer can snap for the wedding photo book.
Always remember Safety First with letter wedding sparklers
Include a few quick safety tips to make sure that everyone knows hold to hold and light them. Always make sure that the children are assisted, they love playing with the sparklers, make sure they do it in a safe, controlled environment that’s fun and filled with excitement.
Emotion is always off the charts on a wedding day and your guests will also be feeling the charged atmosphere. Give them a way to express their feelings to you with a letter wedding sparkler message that says what they feel in a sparkling way.
All this adds up to some of the best practical entertainment that you can add into your wedding day.
Ideas and times to use your letter wedding sparklers.
  • The top place for using your letter sparklers is for the photos. Have your photographer go around your guest’s tables and have them spell out a special wedding message for you.
  • Spell the name so the guests that give speeches
  • Spell out your surname on the cake as you cut into it.
So much choice at wedding-sparklers.co.uk for your letter wedding sparklers
With a range of colours and different sizes available to you, you are only limited by your own imagination and the creative ideas you can pull together.
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The Final Sparkle
Speak to your wedding planner about how you can work in some letter wedding sparklers to your wedding day entertainment for a pragmatic, exciting way to elevate your wedding entertainment.
Send us an email at sales@wedding-sparklers.co.uk if you would like some further advice on how wedding sparklers can amplify your weddings visual experience, we would love to hear from you.