Fireworks - Standard - Atomic Quad Pack Single Ignition Firework

Standard - Atomic Quad Pack Single Ignition Firework

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The Atomic Quad Pack fireworks are each to be lit individually so you have four fuses to light, you can see from the individual duration's of the fireworks that the whole display would last around three and a half minutes without any breaks but obviously it depends on how quick you light the fireworks; typically with a few seconds break between each one a total duration of around four minutes is probably more realistic.
  • Display Fireworks: 8 metres spectator distance. (25 metres recommended)
  • Duration (approx.):
  • Shots: 276 shots in total
  • Size: Ion - 455mm x 360mm x 180mm, Electron - 350mm x 290mm x 175mm Neutron - 315mm x 280mm x 175mm & proton 350mm x 130mm x 175mm.
Age Restriction:
The law in the UK states that you must be aged 18 or over, to legally buy fireworks. When delivery is attempted proof of ID may be required. If no one aged 18 or above is present, the goods will be returned to and you will be required to pay for the re-delivery of your order.
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