Fireworks - Standard Black Cat - Equinox Single Ignition Firework

Standard Black Cat - Equinox Single Ignition Firework

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Bright red comets start the display with crackling silver spinners, followed by crackling blue bursts and silverfish swarming across the skies. Fan-shaped brocade bursts split the show before a veritable feast of whistling tadpoles add a touch of drama to the proceedings. The build-up to the finale starts with a fan of bright red comets bursting into a myriad of shell bursts, getting bigger and stretching further across the skies, fast and glorious.
  • Display Fireworks: 25 metres spectator distance
  • Duration (approx.): 39 sec.
  • Shots: 110
  • Size: 350mm x 300mm x 140mm high
Age Restriction:
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