11 Major Tips About Giant Sparklers

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11 Major Tips About Giant Sparklers


Many a time people relate the biggest things as the best, surprisingly these situations fall correctly in place as the biggest is always better. The same goes for the wedding sparklers range. The giant sparklers are perfect firework for an ideal wedding celebration.

The couples who need large sparklers that can burn for long, the giant sparklers are a one-stop solution for them. You must go for the right size of the wedding sparkler while deciding one, and weigh your options before making a final decision.

Well, their giant sparklers come with a series of benefits and features which makes these giant sparklers as a special one. You can have a look at all its facets and can decide whether it is the right size you are looking out for or not.

To understand this, let's understand what makes a giant sparkler a better option? The word “giant” is a bit debatable; it can be determined by a series of factors. When you read this word, the sheer size is something which a common person will understand. As per the professionals, the sparklers which are 18 inches in size are considered as a giant.

Well, there are certain styles of lighting the sparklers which make them last for long. But here we are going to consider the giant sparklers where we will be talking about its physical size and how its sizing can offer us amazing benefits.

1. Giant sparklers

Many people are eager to know which the biggest sparkler in the whole world is, and then you must have a look at the variety of 18-inch sparklers. Many others are used for commercial applications but they are not available readily for the purchase. This, if you want a giant sparkler, 18 inches can do the best work for you.

2. Giant sparklers for wedding

The giant sparklers remain a favorite choice for many families and act as the great entertainment source too. Many adults and children love the firework display. It has started being used for a wedding nowadays. It acts as a major attraction for many. You can find amazing giant sparklers range for sale and can be purchased in bulk quantities. 

As sparklers are available for indoor and outdoor display, you can get your choice of sparklers anytime from them. You can browse the complete range of wedding sparklers and can enjoy the same easily.

The 18 inches of wedding sparklers are known for their stability level. On the other hand, few sparklers are unstable for some people even though they come with thick steel wire, they are too heavy and the stick also wobbles. If they are not used correctly, they can be dangerous for users.

If you can take great safety measures, then 18 inches can be a good option for you, and 18-inch sparklers are also giant sparklers.

3. Where to buy giant sparklers?

The https://www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk/ is the best seller of giant sparklers online. It has amazing sparklers which can make your special occasions like a wedding more memorable and beautiful. It can make any event outstanding. Being the best-selling site, they focus on customer service and quality.

They can assist you in making your grand wedding as magical. The giant sparklers available with them are manually selected for the extreme brightness and burning length, for maximizing the beauty of the special occasion. Wedding day is the most important moment in everyone’s life, so you must never settle with a cheap sparkler which can fail in performing on your day.

You can find the quality rated sparkler online which can guarantee to add magic on your most awaiting day. You can check out their best sparklers for wedding, gold sparklers, heart-shaped sparklers, 18-inch sparklers, 16-inch sparklers, giant cake sparklers, and many more.

 You must have seen in the movies that there are some joyous and heartwarming moments when the groom and bride enter with the hand in hand, where they close ones celebrates around. With these amazing giant sparklers, you can plan a breathtaking wedding exit which can surely add some flair to your special day.

With the giant sparklers around, you can have a wonderful opportunity of getting clicked. The addition of sparklers on your special day can create dreamlike moments, which is a perfect way of celebrating a prosperous day.

4. Giant sparklers for sale

You will find giant sparklers for sale. Don’t rush for all the offers as this may spoil your wedding fun. The wedding date gets decided in advance, and when you are making a wedding checklist, make sure you add on the sparklers purchase in it. The sparklers on sale can help you in saving great bucks but not every seller will promise you quality.

If you find a sale on https://www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk/, quickly rush for it as they sell 100% genuine sparklers and you can make your wedding day surprising for your loved ones. Everyone spent months imagining their special day and they don’t want anything to spoil that fun, mainly a faulty sparkler.

Just imagine, your special day has arrived, the bridal group is ready with the sparklers in their hand and all set for the wedding exit. And suddenly when you try lightning up the sparkler, it doesn’t light or it gets drooped or fails for lasting for a long time. It will definitely be an embarrassing situation and things will also not go as planned, this may spoil the whole event.

Thus, you must never take a chance to buy giant sparklers from anyone, make a purchase of these sparklers only from the people whom you can trust. The sparklers available at https://www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk/ are recommended by top wedding planners because they have tested and tried their sparklers and rate them as the best for their performance.

5. Giant moonlight sparklers

The giant moonlight sparklers can help you in making your wedding day a night to remember. If you need adding some dazzling sparklers on your special day, then buy giant sparklers online which are available in good quality for weddings, birthdays, engagement or wedding reception.

For creative wedding ideas, you can add sparklers in your wedding fun. These moonlight sparklers emit silver light which can lighten up the whole area. They offer the main focus on the bride and groom. You can plan on lightning them when a bride enters, or during the exit of the bride and groom.

The giant moonlight sparklers are easy to use, you just need a lighter which is long and can lighten up all the sparklers with it. The matchbox is not a good option to go for, as it is not safe and can take more time in lightning up these giant sparklers.

6. Buy giant sparklers

Buying giant sparklers can be a good option as they feature a thick wire which withstands wedding tunnel or any similar kind of an activity planned by you. This can help you with getting spectacular wedding photographs. These sparklers don’t have a weak wire; they will not even bend or can send someone on fire.

Well, you will not find any sparkler as smoke-free, but the https://www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk/ guarantees that their sparklers hold minimal smoke. You can have complete trust over these sparklers as they burn for long, if it is specified that they will burn for half or a minute, it will surely burn the same way.

These giant sparklers are dipped double for great brightness and hold longer burning time.

7. The 18-inch giant sparklers for wedding

They are the long lasting and brightest sparklers present in the market. They burn for around 1 minute and 40 seconds long and can make your wedding entrance the magical one. They don’t possess much of smoke when they burn and are available in good quality. You can consider the giant gold sparklers which can make your wedding exit extravaganza.

Don’t get fooled by other sellers that say 18-inch giant sparklers only for 50 seconds. This is wrong; the https://www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk/ can guarantee you for lasting for more than 1 minute and 40 seconds. They are twice in size than other wedding sparklers. Their length is also thick as compared to 12 inch or 16-inch wedding sparklers.

They come with steel wiring and include less smoke which makes them perfect for creating the “wow” moment in wedding pictures. It is highly recommended by the experts to go for these giant sparklers for a wedding during the night time, as its gold and moonlight colors make them more magnificent.

8. Giant gold sparklers

Well, you must learn the different ways how you can use the giant gold sparklers at your wedding. You can get them in bulk based on your location, but for making your wedding day spectacular, here are some ways for using these giant gold sparklers.

Using them during wedding picture sessions

  • Use sparklers in your photography sessions: It can help you create a beautiful scene in wedding photos. You can consider this effect when the father requests the groom to kiss his wife.
  • During wedding exits: You can use them during weddings exist as they last for long. Their long length makes them easier enough for holding right above the head for great safety measures.
  • Put sparklers in a vase: You can take a huge vase tied with alluring ribbon. Put these giant gold sparklers inside it and allow them to access easily. This can help you in the quick distribution or you can put them on the guest table too.

9. Giant cake sparklers

Are you in need of adding a twist on your wedding day, birthday or anniversary? The perfect addition of wedding cake or birthday cake also creates a moment to remember. The giant cake sparklers are an affordable and fantastic option that all guests love and appreciate.

The couples select the giant cake sparklers for decorating their wedding cake because when they are lit, it throws away beautiful sparks which makes them outshine from others. These giant cake sparklers are available at affordable prices and packed beautifully which lasts for years.

The giant cake sparklers also have burn time for long and glorious 1 minute and 40 seconds. You can show some love at the birthday or wedding while lightning these sparklers. It creates a good moment for capturing photos. The photographer also gets times for creating swirls, hearts, words or creative flares for an eye-catchy picture.

The professional photographer makes use of a special lens for slowing down the shutter speed and makes the sparkler magic appear. Make sure all your guests coordinate well while using sparklers. The butane lighter or BBQ one is best for lighting sparklers. The regular match is not good enough for igniting a giant cake sparkler. 

10. Giant legacy sparklers

The giant legacy sparklers are in trend and popular among many people as they come with various benefits and uses. They are used for extending the time limit so that people can enjoy the sparkling effect of these giant sparklers. They are designed for defying time and are the best option for a celebrity like a wedding. These giant sparklers come with the long stem and with long burning time.

11. Best giant sparklers

In the end, when you are confused over the size of the sparklers, you must consider the giant sparklers as your right option. It is because of their great burning time of long 1 minute and 40 seconds makes them more popular. Their performance is also much brighter, large and better by every measure.

The 16-inch giant sparkler is good enough for a wedding but in case you want an extended version of these sparklers, the 18-inch giant sparkler can also help. Buying them online from https://www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk/collections/giant-sparklers can be your best decision ever. As they never compromise on quality and always serve their buyers with the best sparklers only.


If you need buying giant sparklers in bulk, or giant sparklers on sale, visit their official site today, check out their reviews and get your hands on these pleasing giant wedding sparklers for your special day. Don’t miss out on their discount and deals and order before 4 pm, which guarantees the next day delivery on your doorstep.