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Hand held sparklers are probably the most popular type of sparkler in the industry of sparklers. The reason for this is because they are so convenient to use. All you have to do is hold them in your hands and ignite the sparkler - then enjoy the beautiful visual display. Hand held sparklers are usually associated to children, as they are the ones who love to hold them and run around at dedicated events. However, our hand held sparklers are ideal for anyone to use. These days it is very hard to find someone who has not yet used a sparkler before in their life - this indicates the popularity of sparklers!

Note: Children should be supervised by a responsible adult when using any sparklers because of health and safety reasons.


Facts about Hand Held Sparklers

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The history of sparklers tells us that they have been used for many centuries ever since they were invented in China. Over time, they have been improved and upgraded to better sparklers throughout the years. Hand held sparklers is a type of a modern sparkler that can be used at many celebrations and events.

Today, hand held sparklers are awesome because they come in a variety of different types be it in different colours, sizes, designs or shapes. This makes it much easier to find an ideal sparkler to suit your event. On our website wedding-sparklers.co.uk, we have a beautiful range of hand held sparklers in different sizes, colours and designs. These sparklers come in gold, crackling and coloured types. Furthermore, these sparklers are now available in longer sizes such as 10 inch sparklers, 14 inch sparklers and 18 inch sparklers - the longer the size, the longer they last!

We also have sparklers in different shapes and designs such as number sparklers, letter sparklers, and some symbol sparklers (such as heart shaped sparklers, star shaped sparklers, etc.) In addition to all this, our sparklers are safe and reliable because we only sell sparklers from notable and reliable brands unlike some other sellers out there. These high-quality sparklers only produce low-level smoke and they do not produce unpleasant odour unlike sparklers being sold by some of the other sellers.


Using Hand Held Sparklers

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Hand held sparklers can be used both indoors and outdoors - this makes them ideal for almost any occasion. These sparklers are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, special holiday celebrations, and many other celebrations in which the overall atmosphere will be improved with sparklers. The reasonable prices combined with the fantastic effects produced makes them great value for money.

If you have cake at your event, then why not also check out our Cake Sparklers collection? The sparklers in this collection can make a great decoration for your cake compared to standard, boring candles.


Buy our Hand Held Sparklers

We have an exquisite selection of hand held sparklers from brands such as British Bulldog, Brightstar, Brothers, Benwell, and many more for you to buy from our website at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, we are very happy with our products, so we have the confidence that you will like them too - hence, we offer a money-back guarantee! If you don't like our sparklers, let us know and we'll sort it out for you.

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