Outdoor Sparklers

Have a blast of a time outside with our Outdoor Sparklers!

The history of sparklers tells us that they were innovation invented centuries ago in China. These sparklers were used as a type of handheld firework. Furthermore, these sparklers were usually used outside of homes, for outside events. After these outdoor sparklers were introduced by sparkler manufacturers, people have been using them as an addition to their celebrations such as birthday parties, anniversary events, weddings, etc. Outdoor sparklers are the most popular sparklers in the industry of sparklers due to the vast numbers of sales they bring in every year - people seem to really like them!

If we split sparklers into various categories based upon the location where they can be used, we have indoor sparklers and outdoor sparklers. Most sparklers fall into both categories (meaning that they can be used both indoors and outdoors), however, there are some which can only be used either indoors or outdoors. The main benefit of our outdoor sparklers is that you don't really have to worry about the size, shape, smoke or odour of the sparkler, as you won't be limited to a small space - unlike indoor sparklers. That being said, we would like to also mention that modern outdoor sparklers do not produce a nauseating odour or present a safety hazard, so you should be safe with both these types of sparklers. Also, at huge dedicated events where there would be many guests, you would want to make sure that everyone has enough space to use their sparkler safely - hence, outdoor sparklers would be ideal for situations like this!


Features of our Outdoor Sparklers

Our wide assortment of outdoor sparklers ranges in assorted sizes, shapes, colours and brands. These outdoor sparklers can be used in diverse ways such as placing them on food items to decorate the food, placing them in vases, gifting them to guests to let them participate in the celebration, and many other ways.

We have sparklers from high-quality brands such as British Bulldog, Scorpion, Benwell, Bright Star, etc. Furthermore, all these outdoor sparklers come in a gold, coloured and crackling burn effect - which allows you to share a mixed experience of gratification with your guests. These outdoor sparklers come in assorted sizes ranging from 6" inch sparklers, 7" inch sparklers, 10" inch sparklers, 14" inch sparklers, 16" inch sparklers, 18" inch sparklers, and other sizes. Also, all our sparklers are safe and produce with low smoke levels.


Ideal places to use Outdoor Sparklers

Some of the events where you can use outdoor sparklers to brighten up the event could be weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. Imagine gifting everyone with one of our outdoor sparklers for them to participate in igniting the sparklers with you at your special event. This will create an occurrence to make your special event more momentous for those who participate.

Interested in purchasing our sparklers in bulk to cater for big events such as weddings, business conferences, parties, etc.? Then, check out our Wholesale Sparklers to purchase big packs of sparklers for very reasonable prices.