When To Use Your Wedding Sparklers...

Wedding Sparklers For your Ceremony - When the couple exit the chapel, wedding sparklers make an exciting, attractive alternative to confetti and glitter being thrown into the air. Create a dramatic effect that looks alive and vibrant and makes for a tremendously brilliant photo, with less mess left lying around.

Wedding Sparklers For the Reception - The reception is where your first party as an officially married couple begins. There are so many benefits and options for using colourful wedding sparklers at the reception, They liven things up and create a sparkling light show that catches your guests attention and keeps them entertained.

The First Wedding Sparkler of the Reception - The first time your guests can light a sparkler at your reception is when you enter the venue from your wedding photos. This makes for an amazing welcoming effect and it’s a good way to introduce the sparklers early on and get everyone involved.

Great Wedding Sparklers Entertaining all your guests - Leave a packet of wedding sparklers on the table with a note instructing your guests on how and when to use them.

Wedding Sparklers with a cue such as a sound bite played by the DJ to cue everyone on when to light the next sparkler. One sparkler, burning brightly in the night, does not create an astounding visual effect, but when fifty or so are going at once, the light show can be a spectacle to behold and a great photo opportunity.

Wedding Sparklers Create Themes – with different colours and different patterns. Once your guests have lit a sparkler, they will all want to be in on the fun and they are more likely to join in with the sparkler events of the evening to come.

Commemorate moments with your Wedding Sparklers – wedding speeches, cutting of the cake, and exiting the venue are all moments for wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparklers Safety - Make sure that you include some safety tips. Sparklers aren’t dangerous, but they do require a certain amount of respect for the sparkling wand of pretty colours that they leave dancing in the air.