14 inch Sparklers

Experience a world of fun with our 14 Inch Sparklers!

Bring out the excitement of your gathering with a great visual display of pyrotechnics. According to the history of sparklers, China was the first country to experience the wonderful effects of sparklers centuries ago. The world of pyrotechnics has introduced a vast variety of assorted products; however, we can argue that sparklers are amongst the popular pyrotechnic products. The reason for this is because they are not only interesting, but they are also practical products. Some people love 14 inch sparklers because they find it to be of the right size, neither being too big or too small. Thanks to wedding-sparklers.co.uk, you can find the ideal 14 inch sparklers for your occasion.


Facts about 14 Inch Sparklers

Before making the decision of purchasing some sparklers, you may want to know some facts about 14 inch sparklers.

People that lived a generation or more ago, didn't have a wide variety of choices when it came to purchasing products, compared to today. The products which they had bought came in a small and limited amount of choices. Back then, there was only a limited and small variety of sparklers to choose from as there were not many sparkler manufacturers. Nowadays, we have the blessing of being able to choose from a wide assortment of sparklers to meet our requirements and needs.

Today, Sparklers come in many varied sizes, colours, designs and shapes. Along with the blessing of being able to choose from such a wide range of sparklers, there is also the problem of indecision. Well, our 14 inch sparklers give you the perfect choice if you cannot decide what size sparkler you want to purchase. The standard typical sparkler size ranges between 7 inches and 10 inches, and the long sparklers range between 16 inches to 18 inches. This means that our 14 inch sparklers are the in-between i.e. they are not too short, and they are not too big. Some people find them to be of the perfect size to cater for the needs of their event.

Features of our 14 Inch Sparklers

Our sparklers come in a beautiful burn effect of either gold, coloured or crackling depending on the sparkler which you decide to purchase. We have sparklers from high-quality brands such as Bright Star and Night Star in our 14 inch sparklers collection. Most of these sparklers can be used both indoors and outdoors, however, we recommend checking the individual product listings to ensure that the sparkler you're interested in can be used in your preferred location.


Selecting your 14 Inch Sparklers

You will have a wide assortment of sparklers to choose from in our 14 inch sparklers collection. However, we recommend purchasing the sparklers which suit the theme of your event. This way you can make your special event a more memorable moment for both you and your guests.

We have sparklers from top British brands, so please don't worry when purchasing from us. Our sparklers are safe and reliable. If you are looking for bigger sparklers then please check out our Long Sparklers collection, and if you are looking for smaller sparklers then please check out our Mini Sparklers collection.