Number Sparklers

Customise your event with our Number Sparklers!

Numbers are considered to be mathematical instruments which are used by everyone to measure, count and label objects. Everyone in the world uses numbers in one form or another on every day. Numbers can also be used to mark significant milestones achieved throughout our lives such as our age and anniversaries. If you would like to host an event where you will be celebrating a certain milestone achieved such as your age or anniversary, then you should definitely consider purchasing our number sparklers.


Benefits of our Number Sparklers

Sparklers have become really popular throughout recent years. They have been used as an addition to many events because they can enrich the experience that people have at events, festivals and parties. Furthermore, sparklers are considered to be value for money as they are considered to be entertaining and fun by the people who use them. There are many different types of sparklers available today on the market - in different designs, colours, styles and shapes. All of these sparklers can be unique in their own way, however, if you'd like to emphasize the uniqueness of your event then give our number sparklers a go.

Number sparklers are ideal if you are celebrating a special date or age. Perhaps you're hosting a birthday party for an 18-year-old? Purchase the number sparklers of "1" and "8" to add to the birthday cake. This would make the moment more memorable and is a more fun way to decorate the cake compared to boring, regular candles. Furthermore, the number sparklers create a great visual display for everyone to enjoy especially the birthday boy/girl. Sparklers are a great attraction to experience to remind us of the joy and happiness we had with the simple things in life, and that not everything in the world should be about the electronics we get our heads stuck in all day.


Features of our Number Sparklers

Our number sparklers come in different shapes, sizes and colours. However, most of our number sparklers come in a silver coating. Furthermore, our sparklers are great for indoor use as they produce low smoke levels and they do not produce nauseating odour. The burn effect of these sparklers come in gold to help remind you of the luxurious moment that is being celebrated.


Selecting your Number Sparklers

We have a range of number sparklers for sale on our website These number sparklers come in different colours such as the colour gold, pink, blue, and silver. Our number sparklers also come in a range of all the numbers, from the number 0 to the number 9. Furthermore, most of them can be used both indoors and outdoors as they produce low smoke levels - which means they are safe.

Celebrating a birthday party with friends, family and loved ones? Purchase our number sparklers to add to the birthday cake. Whilst you add the sparklers to the cake, everyone can sing the Happy Birthday song to the birthday boy/girl. In our opinion, this is a much better alternative to standard candles.