Wedding Sparkler Buckets

Welcome to! We have a range of the best wedding sparklers to suit any moment at your wedding reception or ceremony.
Why your reception needs wedding sparklers
Wedding sparklers enhance the theme of your wedding day and create an exciting visual display for your guests to gaze upon in awe.
Encourage their engagement and let them in on the fun with their own wedding sparklers.
Events during the day to use your wedding sparklers;
  • As the bride and groom enter and exit the venue.
  • Before and after the speeches.
  • During the cake cutting.
  • Make the first dance that bit more romantic.
  • With the wedding photographer for sparkler writing.
So much choice for your wedding day
We have heart shaped sparklers, star shaped sparklers, sparklers with numbers and letters. Let them write their own special photo message to you with their sparklers. Use a long exposure photo shot to capture their sparkling writing in the air.
Leave a packet of sparklers on the wedding table, with safety notes and personalised instructions on when to use them during the day.
Presentation is everything
Placing them all in a wedding sparkler bucket is a great way to present them on the table.
Wrap up the individual packets with ribbon and cellophane and watch your guests dip into the wedding sparkler bucket to get started on the sparkling experience!
Your wedding sparkler buckets can be made from a variety of materials, to suit any wedding theme and any table setting.
Our wedding sparkler buckets are labelled and stand out inviting your guests to grab a packet of sparklers and get to the sparkling fun!
Places to use your wedding sparkler buckets;
  • On the guest’s tables, spread the buckets out and make them easy to reach
  • On the bar counter, leave them around for easy access by your guests
  • By the entrance and exits to the venue
  • With your photographer
Enhance the entertainment value of your reception
No other wedding accessory will give your reception more value for your money. The entertainment value of wedding sparklers and the memories they make is priceless and yet remarkably affordable to include in your wedding budget.
The smiles and laughs on the faces of your guests as they leave you personal messages of goodwill, and flash mob you on the dance floor during the first dance, will be memories that you will never forget.
Why use
At, we believe in assisting our clients with any ideas they may have on how to use sparklers to enhance their reception experience.
Email us after you have discussed it with your wedding planner, we would love to hear from you and chat to you about how we can make the visual component of your wedding come alive with a shining sparkle.
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