Wholesale Sparklers

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If you require wholesale prices please email us at sales@wedding-sparklers.co.uk with your requirements or call us on 020 8798 9299

Why should you purchase our Wholesale Sparklers?

We have a range of unique and exquisite sparklers for sale in our wholesale sparklers collection. Our wholesale sparklers can make your wonderful occasion more fun for both yourself and the guests. Throwing a big event for which you'd need to purchase a substantial number of sparklers? Then purchase from our wholesale sparklers collection!

We have a range of sparklers from Ice Fountains In a Tub 6" Inch Indoor Use sparklers in a pack of 15, 30, 72, 100, 200, and a pack of 500 to wholesale sparklers in packs of 50, 100, 150, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000! These sparklers can be grabbed from a reasonable sale price of £6.95 for a pack of 50 wholesale sparklers to £499.95 for a pack of 500 Ice Fountain sparklers. Not sure what sparklers you want? We have a sample pack of 4, 7, 10, 14, 16 and 18-inch sparklers available for sale from just the sale price of £5.24 per packet.

Why should you purchase Wholesale Sparklers from us?

The question arises, why should you purchase from us rather than other sellers? Well for starters, our prices are very reasonable, and our products are safe, reliable and quality products which you will not be disappointed by. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, then simply get in touch with us and we will sort it out for you because if you're not happy with your order, then we're not happy.

We have a range of sparklers for sale on our website to suit your needs. Simply, check our collections out and you will find something of interest!


What are the benefits of purchasing from our Wholesale Sparklers?

Our sparklers will make your occasion glow to those who attend. When hosting a special event, you would want your guests to have an amazing time. Well, with our sparklers on board, you won't have to worry about that. Our sparklers are ideal for events where you want to ensure your guests have an exciting time. We have large quantity packs of sparklers ranging from 50 to 2000! Why not gift each guest with a sparkler in their goody bag to brighten up their day?


Features of our Wholesale Sparklers

Our sparklers come in an exquisite burn effect of gold which is ideal for special occasions which you may be celebrating alongside friends and family. This can make your special event richer and of a quality nature in the eyes of your guests. Furthermore, these sparklers are ideal for big events where there may be many guests attending such as wedding ceremonies. Our sparklers are also coated in distinct colours and come in different shapes and sizes, ideal for several types of occasions.

Furthermore, we have a range of sparklers in different length sizes. From 4" inch sparklers to 18" inch sparklers. We have them all.

If our wholesale sparklers do not interest you, then please do check out our other collections to see if any of them catch your interest. Otherwise, go ahead and grab a bargain today at a wonderful price!