Wedding Sparkler Lighters


Welcome to we are the home of everything to do with wedding sparklers.

Who we are and what we do

We specialise in creative solutions for the visual entertainment value of your wedding ceremony and reception.

The theme of your wedding is so important and we have the range of sparklers you need to enhance every event during the day.

Great places to use wedding sparklers are;

  • During the bride & Grooms entrance to the venue.
  • As the couple takes to the floor for their first dance.
  • A light show as the wedding cake is brought into the room.
  • For wedding photos to leave special messages with magical sparkler writing.

Leave the sparklers all around your venue in neat, custom sparkler buckets, for your guests to pick up. However, your guest won’t know what’s inside those attractively wrapped packages, unless you leave them a note to tell them.

Safety tips for your guests

Make sure that you give out a few basic safety tips and leave a note on the sparkler tags that tells them when to use them throughout the day.

Wedding sparklers are safe to use and they won’t burn your clothes, or the bride's dress. They also produce no smoke and burn brightly for minutes with next to no residue or dust.

Buy the best from the best – accessories for your wedding sparklers

We make our sparklers from the very best materials available, but sparklers are no good if you don’t have something to light them with!

Bring a flame to your wedding reception with wedding sparkler lighters that give you and your guests amazing entertainment value for an affordable price.

Our wedding sparkler lighters are also made from top quality materials and are guaranteed to spring your sparklers into life.

Leave your wedding sparkler lighters in the wedding sparkler bucket on the table, near the bar or at the entrance and exits of the venue to give your guests easy access to a packet of sparklers, allowing them to join in on the fun whenever they want.

Consult us for advice

Chat to your wedding planner and then drop us an email about your requirements for your wedding day and your budget for wedding entertainment accessories.

We will work within your budget to provide you with the very best wedding sparklers and wedding sparkler lighters to turn your wedding reception and ceremony from stale into spectacular.

We know what works and the best times to introduce sparklers into the day’s events and we would love to hear your ideas and share some thoughts on how to to enhance the visual experience of your wedding day.

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We value our clients time and that’s why we made a user-friendly shopping experience. Simply log in and choose your wedding sparklers, then check out and your sparklers will be shipped to you immediately.

We use super-fast shipping, getting you your sparklers as quickly as possible to allow you to prepare for your big day.