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For many years, sparklers have been used for fun during events such as birthday party events, anniversary parties, weddings, New Year's Day celebrations, etc. Our coloured sparklers can upgrade your event through a more fun experience by the use of a wonderful and colourful visual display for your guests to enjoy. As the name clearly suggests, coloured sparklers are quite different from our regular sparklers due to them simply coming in assorted colours. We have a range of coloured sparklers available in assorted colours on our website for you to share. You can even use a combination of assorted colours if you'd like.

Sparklers have gained popularity in their usage since around a few years ago. People have realised that they are a fantastic addition to most events for a very reasonable price, hence they have become more popular as time passed. Sparklers are a type of firework. Once they are ignited, they burn slowly and produce coloured burn effects for you to experience. If this isn't your first introduction to the world of sparklers and fireworks, you may have noticed that sparklers come in different shapes, sizes, designs and colours.


Features of our Coloured Sparklers

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We have a range of coloured sparklers to cater for your needs. From 7" Inch Coated Indoor Sparklers, and a Pack Of 5 Benwell - 10" Inch Coloured Regular Sparklers to a Pack Of 4 Bright Star - 14" Inch Crackling Monster Medium Sparklers, and many more!

Our coloured sparklers come in assorted colours such as blue, pink, silver and gold. This makes them perfect for a range of different themes where these colours will be used. Furthermore, most of these sparklers come in the burn effect of gold. The size of these coloured sparklers come between the ranges of 7" inches and 18" inches. This gives you a wide choice of picking the ideal sparklers you will need for your event. These sparklers are easy to use. All you have to do is hold it at arm’s length and light the sparkler, then simply enjoy it's wonderful golden/coloured burn effect. You can also decorate food items such as cakes and desserts with these sparklers, and then ignite the sparklers to enjoy a wonderful visual display on your food. Although our sparklers can more or less be used by anyone, we advise that anyone under the age of 18 are fully supervised when using them.

If you are unsure about which coloured sparklers you want for your event, you can try out our rainbow sparklers to experience a mixture of the beauty each colour adds to the event.


Purchase some Coloured Sparklers

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Does the description of coloured sparklers interest you? One of the most convenient ways to purchase coloured sparklers would be to purchase them from our website. We are an e-commerce store focusing directly on selling quality sparklers to satisfied customers. Furthermore, we have a range of sparklers available on our website to cater for your diverse needs at low prices. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase some sparklers now from our website, and then we'll ship then directly to your home. It's a simple process.