Ice Fountain Sparklers

Safe and Fun Sparklers - Ice Fountain Sparklers

Ice Fountain Sparklers are a product of the industry of pyrotechnics. They are placed on a flat surface and ignited. Once they are ignited, they product a beautiful fountain sparkling effect of light. Depending on the Ice Fountain Sparkler which you purchase, they may either produce a sparkling fountain of light in one of several assorted colours. Unlike fireworks, Ice Fountain Sparklers produce sparkling light from one tube. Furthermore, Ice Fountain Sparklers are different from other sparklers because of their effects. These sparklers usually travel around 5 feet up in the atmosphere.


Facts about Ice Fountain Sparklers

Where does the name "Ice Fountain" sparkler come from? These sparklers produce a flame also known as a cool flame. The colour of this flame turns light blue when ignited, hence the name of the sparkler is known as "Ice Fountain". Furthermore, the benefits of this flame are that it can burn on a lower temperature, and it produces low levels of smoke and carbon dioxide. The simple benefits of these sparklers have led there to be lots of demand for them in the recent years - as they can be used in many events such as weddings and birthdays and placed on top of cakes.

Ice Fountain Sparklers are safer than some other sparklers because they produce low levels of smoke and low levels of carbon dioxide. Due to this, they are considered to be an environment-friendly sparkler, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Don't worry, your furniture would be safe as it is very unlikely you would be able to light a fire with them because these sparklers emit very low heat.


Features of Ice Fountain Sparklers

The industry of pyrotechnics is quite creative. It showcases its creativity when it comes to Ice Fountain Sparklers. Due to our reasonable prices, our Ice Fountain Sparklers can be used for almost any event be it a big event or a casual event. The effects of the sparklers make them look like real fountains, emitting sparkles instead of water.

Our Ice Fountain Sparklers come in a burn effect of gold, to represent the event to that of a luxurious theme. Furthermore, they come in many sizes ranging from 6 inches.


Selecting your Ice Fountain Sparklers

We have an assortment of Ice Fountain Sparklers available for sale on our website. From Number Ice Fountain Sparklers, and Secret Message – Ice Fountain Sparklers to Happy Birthday Ice Fountain Sparklers, and many more! These sparklers can cater for the needs and requirements of your special event. Just simply have a look at our beautiful selection of sparklers. Our sparklers come in crazy cheap prices to cater for your needs. For less than the cost of lunch, you can purchase some Ice Fountain Sparklers today to put a wow on the faces of the guests at your event!

We also have Ice Fountain Candles for sale on our website These Ice Fountain Candles come in the colours of pink, gold, silver, black, and blue.