Wedding Sparkler Tags

Welcome to! We are the home of the most exciting visual entertainment experience that you can add to your wedding day!
Our wedding sparklers enhance your venue and your wedding theme, bringing a brilliant sparkle to the day’s events.
You can use wedding sparklers for;
  • A replacement for confetti.
  • A walk-in flash mob entrance for the bride and groom.
  • To liven up the first dance with a romantic feel.
  • To get the speeches going and, or close them off.
  • An impressive sparkle display as the wedding cake is brought into the venue.
Anything is possible with wedding sparklers and we have the right sparkler for the right moment. With candle sparklers for the cake display, lettered and numbered sparklers for messages and long sparklers for visual displays, there something for every moment that you can think of!
Getting your guests involved
Getting your guests engaged with the activities is simple. The best way to get a sparkler in everyone’s hand is to have them easily available around the venue.
People like to know what they are doing when they try something different. Give them the confidence they need to play with the sparklers and create their own artist impressions with wedding sparkler tags.
The presentation is everything, wrap up your sparkler packets in coloured cellophane and ribbon that matches your wedding theme.
Then attach a personalised note, with your guest’s name, to the packet and leave them in a sparkler bucket on the table.
Make sure that the wedding sparkler tags have safety tips and clear instructions of the times to use them at the event.
You can even have the emcee announce to you guests that they should look in the sparkler buckets for their personalised sparkler packets.
They will be easy to find and share out between your guests and make for a fantastic ice-breaker between your guests.
Wedding sparkler tags are the bridge between a whole lot of fun for your guests and the unknown world of wedding sparklers. They can be custom designed to suit any message or wedding theme.
Why choose us?
At we value every opportunity we get to improve our client's visual experience of their wedding.
We are happy to work with you and your wedding planner to settle on a wedding sparkler package that’s just right for your budget.
Our sparklers are made from the best materials available. They are double dipped to ensure that you never have a dud. They produce a smokeless burn that keeps the air around your venue clean and fresh.
With you can be sure of and exciting and safe sparkler experience that will live on in your memories forever.
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