18 Inch Sparklers

Start your event off with a bang with our 18 Inch Sparklers

History tells us that sparklers have been here for centuries since they were invented in China. However, sparklers have truly become creative and innovative only a few years ago. This innovation has led to a terrific addition to dedicated events for guests to enjoy. Sparklers range in varied sizes, colours, designs and shapes to cater for different events and parties, which makes them an amazing addition to events due to the wide range of choices they come in. Ranging from 4" inch sparklers to 18" inch sparklers in distinct colours, styles and shapes, we have them a vast selection available on this website.

Some of the guests at your party may be used to using standard sized sparklers. Why not give them the gift of an 18" inch sparkler? We are living in a society where there are many different choices and options available for you to choose from. Surely, your guests would prefer to have the experience of using a nice and whopping 18" inch sparkler rather than a standard 10" inch sparkler. 18" Inch sparklers last approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds per sparkler, this makes them perfect for occasions where songs will be singing - such as birthday parties, as they will last longer than the standard sparkler. 

Features of our 18" Inch Sparklers

Rest be assured, our sparklers are quality products as they are manufactured by high-quality brands within the industry of pyrotechnics. You can rely on our sparklers to work properly. Each sparkler found on our website does have its advantages and disadvantages, however most people who try 18" inch sparklers state that this sparkler was their favourite. We have a notable selection of 18" sparklers for sale such as a Pack Of 4 Bright Star sparklers, a Pack Of 4 Brothers sparklers, a Pack of 6 Royal Party sparklers, and many more! 18" Inch sparklers look very similar to standard fireworks but just a bit smaller.

Our sparklers come in a nice, luxurious and colourful gold, coloured and crackling burn effect - which leaves a moment to remember for both you and your guests. Due to their nice and long size, they are perfect to use for almost any special occasion be it birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings, graduation parties, New Year's Day celebrations, etc. Furthermore, anybody can use them as long as they are supervised by an adult.

Maybe our 18" Inch sparklers are not for you. That's fine, just check out the other sparklers we have for sale. All our sparklers can be purchased directly from our website from the comfort of your home, and then shipped directly to your address. This can save you time and money compared to purchasing them from a high street sparkler shop.


Why should you buy 18" Inch Sparklers from us?

We are one of the few sellers in the industry of pyrotechnics to actually offer a money back guarantee with purchases. Furthermore, we have a vast selection of sparklers for sale on our website. You can purchase sparklers for your occasion from the comfort of your home, and we'll ship the sparklers directly to your house.