Guy Fawkes Sparklers

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Celebrate Bonfire Night with our Guy Fawkes Sparklers

It is now a common tradition to celebrate Bonfire Night. This is a celebration which many people from across the United Kingdom celebrate mainly just for a fun and memorable experience of fireworks. Bonfire Night is a celebration of the arrest of Guy Fawkes, who was a terrorist playing a major role in the Gunpowder plot. The name of this celebration being “Bonfire Night” or “Fireworks Night” gives us the logical reasoning that this commemoration should be celebrated through the use of fireworks and sparklers!

We have an assortment of sparklers for sale on our website to cater for your Bonfire Night celebrations. Some people like to celebrate this event by lighting candles and making bonfires. But these are boring ways to celebrate as they do not produce the same fun experience as sparklers and fireworks do. Our Guy Fawkes Sparklers are ideal for Bonfire Night celebrations as they can be used by almost anyone, and they come with awesome effects for you to enjoy. Furthermore, our Guy Fawkes Sparklers can be used outside because they have been designed to resist external influences such as wind. They can also be used indoors if you plan to celebrate the event at home.

Facts about Guy Fawkes – Guy Fawkes Sparklers

Bonfire Night is celebrated every year on the 5th of November. The main reason why this event is celebrated is that people just want to experience fun, and why not?

In 17th century England, Guy Fawkes was a terrorist who had a major role in the Gunpowder plot. This was a plot to blow up the House of Parliament, and kill everyone inside it. Bonfire Night is a celebration of his arrest and the prevention of the Gunpowder plot. Guy Fawkes was a war veteran for the Spanish against their fight with the Netherlands. He had his experience with explosives during the war.

Features of our Guy Fawkes Sparklers

Our Guy Fawkes sparklers come in many different sizes. From mini sparklers to big sparklers, we have an assortment of sizes to suit the needs for your celebration. These sizes vary from 4” inches long (approximately 10 seconds) to 18” inches long (approximately 45 seconds). Furthermore, our Guy Fawkes sparklers come in gold, coloured and crackling burn effect – why not purchase all of them to test them out and see which ones you like the most?

We recommend purchasing our 18” Inch sparklers as they are the sparklers that last the longest amount of time. They last approximately about 1 minute and 40 seconds; this should be enough time for you to experience the fun of celebrating Bonfire Night with our sparklers. Our Pack Of 4 Bright Star – 18” Rainbow Coloured Mammoth Big Sparklers come in a sparkler coating of grey and a wonderful coloured sparkler burn effect. As the name suggests, this sparkler’s effects are that of a rainbow’s effects – which makes them give a unique style to the theme of the event and leaves everyone at your event an experience to remember.