5 Tips When Ordering Sparklers For Your Wedding

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5 Tips When Ordering Sparklers For Your Wedding


There are many things you want to consider carefully before you order sparklers for your wedding. Every small detail on your wedding day is important although wedding sparklers might seem to be small and insignificant in total purchases. The list of information is quite long between checking at your place, deciding how to use it and knowing which wedding sparklers to buy. Buy sparklers smartly to save cost and time. You can also buy wedding fireworks online, but order them with some time at hand. There are champagne sparklers, wedding candle sparklers, cake sparklers, small or big sparklers, wedding sparklers tags and many more to choose from. Here is a step by step manual to order your wedding sparklers to facilitate the process.

Wedding sparklers

The wedding sparklers differ from the other types of sparklers. They are typically longer compared to the other ones as they must last longer, and in addition, they must give the couple sufficient room for free movement, particularly during the wedding exit.

Check With The Wedding Venue

You must talk to your venue before you make your purchase to make sure you're all on the same page. Several questions are necessary, and a lot of couples know, too late, that it is either forbidden or require permits or special fees. Make everything sure before ordering your sparklers.

Sparklers cannot be shipped by air

According to the law, sparklers cannot be shipped by air. It is only possible to ship sparklers through ground. When most of the sparklers suppliers take weeks to deliver them to your doorstep we offer next day delivery if you order by 4 pm.

Different shipping options

We offer same day shipping for all the wedding sparklers orders. Amazingly, we will deliver all the orders by next day if the order is placed by 4 pm (with a nominal extra shipping cost). We have gold, coloured as well as crackling sparklers for a wedding with same shipping facility. In normal shipping also it will reach you within a week (typically 3 to 4 days). You can also schedule a specific date for delivery by simply dropping an e-mail. Our standard delivery (3+ working days) is free if you order for over £100.

Order 1 to 2 months before to save on shipping cost

Now that you know that they can only be shipped on the ground and that you should not wait until the last minute, order them typically 1-2 months prior to your wedding day. It is the most common schedule to buy sparklers. This allows you to save additional costs for shipping and is another item you need not worry about. Marriages can be extremely hectic in the last few weeks, so everything should be planned accordingly to avoid stress. Go for the 16-inch or 18-inch wedding sparklers, the two most popular wedding exit sparklers.

Just order from our website by selecting from the wide ranges of wedding sparklers available. Have a grand wedding exit with our traditional golden colour sparklers! You will cherish the memory forever.


Plan ahead and order in advance so saving you paying more for delivery.