A Complete Buying Guide For Attractive Sparklers

A Complete Buying Guide For Attractive Sparklers


Every event is unique and distinctive for all people around the world. The most important function or event in anyone’s life is their wedding ceremony. The event goes, but memories remain. The sparklers are used in parties, receptions and during grand entries too. Throwing rose petals at the big events is a past thing now, the sparklers attractive colours and versatility has made them more popular and the best thing to go for this season.

When to buy sparklers?

If you wonder as to when to buy sparklers the answer is on your awaiting events like parties, wedding or on any special day. When you feel like that you want to capture a beautiful moment through spectacular images, incorporating sparklers in your event can make your day. This can be the right time when you should go for the sparklers purchase.

When were sparklers invented?

As per the reports, a popular architect Callinicos of Heliopolis that lived in the AD 670 created first fireworks known as cherosiphon. Since its creation people have turned out as a great source of celebration, you can find ashless, smokeless sparklers in the market. They are a popular trend which can fit well in your budget. 

Where are sparklers made?

Soon after the sparklers invention, a wide number of sparklers emerged in the market. We should all thank this famous architect because it is because of him only we are using sparklers to celebrate our special day.

The sparklers are made in a factory where they make use of all safety equipment so that it won’t give rise to any unexpected hazards. In these factories, all sizes and shapes of sparklers are made.

What makes sparklers burn?

The oxidizer present in the sparkler that includes nitrates percolates along with the potassium nitrate makes these sparklers burn.

Are sparklers fireworks?

Sparklers are mainly termed as novelties and thus we can technically state that they are not fireworks but as the same rules and regulations are followed so we can call them fireworks too. 

Sparklers where to buy?

Generally, the quality rated sparklers can be purchased online. Someone in your city might also be selling them. Well, some of the vendors don’t sell quality sparklers, they sell wooden sparklers. Thus, you should be careful while purchasing them and buy only from the reputed seller online or from stores.

The scene where sparklers are lightened up together is magical and pleasing. Sparklers can offer an amazing charm to your special day. Different types of sparklers are available that you can buy online or from offline retailers for burning them. They are available in different sizes and shapes too.

Sparklers where to buy in the UK?

Shop online or from stores for receiving the standard sparklers for your special day. The smokeless and ashless sparklers are available that allows amazing pictures. If you have a good amount of time for buying sparklers for your special day, then order them online and they will arrive at your place within less time.

One of the best ways of celebrating and taking extreme benefit of sparklers can be by planning a grand exit with them at weddings. The best sparkler company of UK ensures its buyers to get their sparklers on time. One can order them over phone or online and can add an extra spark to their

Are sparklers dangerous?

No, they are not highly dangerous if they are used in a proper way. It can be dangerous for the kids, thus allow them using sparklers under adult’s guidance only. On the other hand, wooden sparklers can be bit dangerous because when they burn, they are extremely hot and handle made of wood can also be burned along with the sparkler and can emit a large amount of smoke. 

Sparklers where to buy them?

Sparklers are truly icing on the cake for all the events. They proffer dazzling show and considered as a wonderful way for celebration.  You can buy these amazing sparklers online or can visit popular stores that offer the top-notch quality of sparklers.

There are many sparkler companies that sell them. While shopping online, make sure you buy from a reputed company that promises top quality and the steel wiring core sparklers. The huge selection of these premium sparklers is enough to get you by.

Are sparklers illegal?

The sparklers are consumer fireworks which are purchased by the people for celebrating big events and to add joy. They are weaker in the explosion and are a legal firework almost in all the countries. There are few countries that have banned their usage and using them in those countries can be illegal.

If sparklers are used responsibly, they are completely safe. If used by the children, it should be done under adult supervision. Every sparkler comes with a warning like “flammable, caution for outdoor usage only”. It is recommended to hold them in your hand and a bit far from your body. Make sure you keep the sparks away from flammable material and from your apparels.  

How sparklers are made?

There are three major chemical components in the sparklers with which they are made. This includes,

  • A binder- which consists of dextrin
  • An oxidizer- This includes potassium nitrate, chlorates, and metal nitrates
  • A metal fuel: This has titanium for silver or white glow, aluminium, and magnesium for light yellow and white glow and ferrotitanium for a golden glow.

All these three chemical components make a perfect sparkler which is ready to lit up.

Can sparklers burn out?

Yes, they can burn out if they are used incorrectly by the user. These sparklers hold the capability of disabling a person if used in the wrong way. They are not safe for the young children as they burn at 1800 degrees which is hot enough for melting some of the metals.

The oxidizer and fuel are proportioned so that these sparklers slowly burn rather exploding like firecrackers. As soon as its one end gets ignited, it progressively burns on its other end. When you will light sparklers, the mixed components get fueled by the oxygen and they chemically break down into other things which may burn them out unexpectedly.

Can sparklers burn you?

The sparklers cannot be safe always. Your body parts like fingers or hand can be burned if you will not hold them properly. Make sure you don’t pick them after they have been lit because they may look like a dud, but they are not at all the one.

Are sparklers bad for the environment?

Fireworks can be bad for the environment but sparklers cannot be much harmful because they have fewer toxins in it. They may cause air pollution is less amount of time and which may leave some of the metal particles or dangerous toxins in air for days or for a few hours. There might be a chance where they don’t disintegrate or decompose and they may hang around in the environment and can come in contact with the people, causing the issues. 

What sparklers are made of?

It includes several substances like an oxidizer, combustible binder, iron, metal powder, aluminium, and steel. As sparklers are the firework which is mainly handheld, they are designed in a way which allows them to safe holding if needed. These sparklers have a metal wire which has one clear end for easy holding and other end includes components for creating glowing sparks. Basically, the metal wire used is made of iron for creating sparkler foundation.

Can sparklers explode?

No, they don’t, but you need to bit careful and don’t try using them altogether because then only the chances of explosion increases. You must understand that its other end is coated with main components mixture which includes metal fuel, oxidizer, and a binder. The machine cuts fires in a particular length on the basis of sparkler type. Its wires are also then moved to another area of the machine where sparkle sections, which means wire ends, are coated with chemical components which may lead to the explosion if used incorrectly.

How do sparklers work?

A sparkler can burn for a long time, up to a minute. It produces showery and bright light. As we read sparkler includes a few main compounds a fuel, a binder, iron, and an oxidizer. The common oxidizer used is potassium nitrate. The fuel can be sulfur or charcoal. Starch or sugar can be used as a binder.

They all are mixed with the water and they form a slurry paste which is coated on the wire. As soon as they dry up, your sparkler is ready. When you light them, they burn from one end to other just like a cigarette. 

Can sparklers start a fire?

As we just read about the components with which sparklers are made, it is clear that sparkler includes a chemical mixture which is moulded on a wire or a stick. As soon as it dries off, the sparkler is ready to use. It will not cause a fire because the fire spread faster on loose powder but here on a sparkler, the material is compact and dense.

No, they usually don’t start a fire. They are not safe for the children who are less than 12 years of age and they must not stand nearby the sparklers without adult supervision. Moreover, if you will light one sparkler at a time or different sparklers at distant places, that will be much more helpful and safe. The sparklers should be placed at least 6 feet away from others while making use of the sparklers to avoid unexpected fires.

Can sparklers expire?

Now comes can sparklers expire. Well, magnesium, zinc, steel, iron, aluminium or flakes are used for creating shimmering and bright sparks. Such metal flakes actually heat up until they glow or at a high temperature, they actually burn. Various numbers of chemicals are added for creating colours in these sparklers and they might get expire within a year or after.

Moreover, if they are kept in a dry and cool place, they may last for years. The only thing is it has steel in it that is responsible for making sparks, if it gets rust, it won’t light.

Are sparklers toxic?

Apart from causing fire, they may contribute to pollution and includes ingredients which are bad for people’s health. Many of the sparklers are lighted near users and held by a hand that directly breathes its toxic fumes.

 Are sparklers thermite?

Do you also have a question as are sparklers thermite? Well, no because a very little amount of thermite is used for igniting a flame. Thus, as thermites are also not explosive, they operate by exposing the small area to high temperatures. When these sparklers ignite, it doesn’t burn you because the pieces in these sparklers are very small and they don’t have this much of thermal energy, no matter how hot they are they don’t have this much of thermal energy which may hurt your skin.

 What makes sparklers different colours?

Commonly the sparklers made of a steel core can be found which gives a silver colour and gives an incredible golden aura when they are lit. However, different chemical compositions are used for creating other colours and this offers tremendous smoke and produces a strong smell of sulfur.

All these chemical compositions are different in pigments and standard dyes, the most popular colours which are available in sparklers include, red, orange, yellow, white, green, blue, purple etc.

Can you buy sparklers online?

Yes, you can buy different sparklers online at good rates. You can also find companies online that takes a bulk order and gives you a great amount of discount. You can also place an order for customized sparklers. The sparklers can add an amazing twist in your events and can create themed pictures. You can purchase them online by viewing their pictures, readings its reviews and much more. 

Where sells sparklers?

Purchasing of sparklers is now simple as you can visit the best shops online and can click on the option of sparklers purchase. With many of the quantity options, you can avail exactly the same amount of sparklers that you want. If you are hosting a party, consider making a bulk purchase of sparklers from its wholesaler which can help you in saving a good amount of money.

Are sparklers safe?

Using sparklers in wedding events is now a popular trend. People use them on special days. Basically, there is a common question in the mind of many people as they doubt are sparklers safe or not.  Many people don’t consider them as a hazard even and they allow their kids to use them.

If sparklers are used responsibly, they are completely safe. If used by the children, it should be done under adult supervision. Every sparkler comes with a warning like “flammable, caution for outdoor usage only”. It is recommended to hold them in your hand and a bit far from your body. Make sure you keep the sparks away from flammable material and from your apparels.  

It has been reported that around 24% of the hospital emergency visit are caused by sparklers. Thus, you need to be prepared beforehand and take preventive measures for avoiding injuries.

Where to buy sparklers online?

This must be the biggest question in your mind now as to where to buy sparklers online? Well, there are many best-selling sites which are selling the high-quality of sparklers at affordable rates. Shopping for some of the items for your wedding can be a bit challenging but when you are trapped in deciding about sparklers where to buy them, then you must rush on buying them online.

Can sparklers burn underwater?

Yes, they can as they include oxidizers in it which makes them burn underwater and lasts for long. You can find a wide selection of sparklers here and all of them look amazing and can give your wedding day a fantabulous look and feel. You will get different colours, shapes, sizes too.

Can sparklers be used indoors?

As long as you make use of a smokeless sparkler, you can use them in your rooms or in any of the interior spaces. Now you know the right and affordable place where sells sparklers. Buy your favourite sparkler today and make your big day as a grand one.

Can sparklers be taken on a plane?

No, it is not allowed because the aviation rules and regulations don’t allow this facility to its travellers. 

Final verdict

I hope this article will best help you in deciding that you must go to the sparklers on your special day. Many of your questions like can sparklers explode, can sparklers expire, are sparklers thermite must have found the answer. If in case, you still have queries or doubts regarding any wedding sparkler type and additional details, feel free to write it to us or check out our official website http://wedding-sparklers.co.uk/ for more information.