Celebrate Birthdays with Special Cake Sparklers

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Celebrate Birthdays with Special Cake Sparklers

What are cake sparklers?

Cake sparklers are sparklers that you can put on cakes or desserts for a birthday party or any other special festivity. Sparklers are mini-fireworks that you can hold safely in your hand. A great party idea is to place sparklers on a cake as a birthday party decoration. This will create awesome lighting effects that will stun everyone in the room. When you light the tip of a sparkler, it will immediately start fizzing! Golden, silver or coloured sparks will fly off your sparkler, creating a dazzling show that will last at least 40 seconds. This is a great opportunity to take stunning photographs of the most important moment of the whole birthday party.


Birthday celebrations are better with cake sparklers.

You can liven up your birthday party with birthday cake sparklers and create a sensational special effect that will be remembered by all. Imagine how much more spectacular the moment will be when your cake is brought into the room and the sparklers on it are lit! There will literally be a fireworks display going off on the cake. Dazzling showers of light will attract the attention and admiration of all your guests.


Are Cake sparklers safe to use?

Cake sparklers are perfectly safe to put on on a birthday cake or any other food item. This is because they do not contain toxic chemicals nor do they give off toxic smoke emissions, like normal fireworks. It is advisable to follow simple safety precautions when you are using sparklers indoors, i.e. place your sparklers in the centre of the birthday cake, making sure that the insertion end of the sparkler is properly fixed into the cake. When lighting the tip of the sparkler, make sure that it’s out of the way of any inflammable objects (including your face). Don’t let children light the sparklers! Keep kids at a safe distance when you are lighting the sparklers, and don’t let any them eat the sparklers by mistake (or on purpose).

Best time to light your birthday cake sparklers.

The best time to light the sparklers on your birthday cake is just before you light the candles on your cake and make a wish. This will call your friends’ attention to admire the cake. It will also alert everyone that the time to cut the cake is approaching soon.

Types of birthday cake sparklers to use:

Different Shaped Sparklers

Heart-shaped sparklers, Star-shaped sparklers and Number-shaped sparklers are medium-sized sparklers that fit nicely on a birthday cake. They come in pink, blue, silver or gold colour options. The heart and star shapes are guaranteed to give your cake an extra special decorative appearance.

A super idea is to use number sparklers to create the birthday age on the cake. Another brilliant idea is to use Letter sparklers, which are available in all the letters from A-Z (in silver only) to fashion the birthday person’s name on the cake.

Ice Fountain sparklers for birthday cakes:

Ice fountain sparklers are super fun to light up. They spray a fountain of sparks from the birthday cake that will really wow your guests. A great choice to put on a birthday cake is the Ice Fountain Sparklers. They are small size sparklers that give off a golden shower of sparks. If you have a theme colour for your birthday party, then a super choice would be the Mini Ice fountain sparklers:  available in blue, pink, silver or golden sparkles.

Good luck with your party, it’s bound to rock with birthday cake sparklers to brighten up the occasion. Contact www.wedding-sparklers.co.uk now to buy your Birthday Cake Sparklers today.