Common Questions Asked About Wedding Sparklers

Common Questions Asked About Wedding Sparklers


What are the wedding sparklers?

The popularity of wedding sparklers in increasing every day, they are used at the wedding venues which lasts for long. Wedding an important event in everyone’s life, people plan it in the best way to turn their dreams into reality.

By adding wedding sparklers in your most awaiting day, you can adopt a new style and can make your event a spectacular one. Below are a few important questions that you may have before buying a wedding sparkler. Check them out to be stress-free.

Are wedding sparklers safe?

Although the wedding sparklers are entirely safe you must keep safety concerns in your mind. Make sure you light your sparklers in a safe way and dispose of them carefully afterwards. When arranging wedding sparklers, you must also be ready with the water bucket, first aid kids and fire extinguishers to avoid unexpected hazards.

Are wedding sparklers dangerous?

The wedding sparklers are not dangerous as they are completely smokeless and they turn yellow in colour with a bit of sparkle. It doesn’t include any flame. These wedding sparklers hold the long length of around 2 feet which can be lit together for amazing pictures.

How long are wedding sparklers?

This is a frequently asked question. If you have not seen a wedding sparkler yet then you must know that it comes in the exact length which you order. They can be 10, 20, and 36 inches long.

Do wedding sparklers expire?

The sparklers last for around 10 years only. You can order your wedding sparklers in advance as they will possess the same quality in 4 months as they will have in 4 years. Thus, they expire but only after 10 years. If in case, some of the wedding sparklers don’t get used, you can use them later. They remain in good condition within 10 years of manufacturing date only.

Do wedding sparklers go bad?

Well, the wedding sparklers available on hold a shelf life of around 10 years, so in case you want to order them in advance, you are free to do so. When it comes in sparklers storage, make sure you keep them in a dry and cool place, away from moisture because the moisture content holds the potential of ruining wedding sparklers.

Can you take wedding sparklers on a plane?

No one can take wedding sparklers in airways. It is strictly prohibited. No matter, whether you are ready to keep them in your handbag or in your checked bag, you will be denied by the authorities. The best way is to shop the wedding sparklers at the destination place to double your fun by sparkling them.

How many wedding sparklers should I buy?

There is no such specific rule as how many wedding sparklers you should use or order. Some of the people feel like handing over one sparkler to each person, some want two. It depends on your idea how many you need and deciding this can help you in making the right number of purchases for these wedding sparklers.  

For example, if you have a wedding of 200 guests, then you at least need 100 to 150 sparklers.

How to light wedding sparklers or how to start wedding sparklers?

You just need to simply light the wedding sparkler’s tip with a matchbox and within a few seconds; your sparkler will light up. They are absolutely simple to use and can light up without any hassle. Make sure you don’t hand over the matchbox to the children, an adult must guide them and an already lighted sparkler will be the best and safe for them.

How long should wedding sparklers be or what size wedding sparklers to get or what length should wedding sparklers be?

The makes use of the best process to make these wedding sparklers. You will genuinely love these sparklers as these wedding sparklers come in different sizes with different duration of lighting. The wedding sparklers of 36 inch can last for around 4 minutes, wedding sparklers of 20 inch can last for around 2 minutes, and wedding sparklers of 10 inch can last for around 40 seconds.

How much are wedding sparklers?

You can feel confident after purchasing the wedding sparklers online. You can find them at cheap prices which come with high-end quality. You will be guaranteed with a brighter and quality rated sparkler which is specifically designed for great weddings. Many of the sellers import their sparklers from manufacturers which lower down their costs and make them beneficial for all the buyers.

How much do wedding sparklers cost?

It’s important for everyone to select a quality wedding sparkler for their exit. You must order from a reputed company like for a good sparkler. Their 10 inches, 20 inches and 36 inches of sparklers are easy to light up and they even burn for long.

These wedding sparklers will not cost you much and it depends on the size of the sparkler that you order. 

How to photograph wedding sparklers?

You must be prepared for clicking pictures during the wedding exit with these wedding sparklers around. For a great sparkler exit, low lights can be the best option to go for. Complete darkness can help you with a more dramatic image and one can get a desired beautiful effect with them.

Selecting the external flashes can also be helpful in capturing an amazing picture. For diffused lighting, you can set them 10 feet off the walking path & angled towards it.

How long do wedding sparklers last or how long should wedding sparklers last or how long should wedding sparklers last?

Due to the different availability of wedding sparklers sizes, they have different burning times too. If you are having an intimate or a smaller wedding, then 10 inches sparklers can be best which lasts for around 45 seconds. The 18 inches sparkler is best for a medium to the large wedding which lasts for 1 minute 40 seconds.

Well, if you are planning a grand wedding, then go for the 36 inches sparklers which last for around 4 minutes.

How to use wedding sparklers?

If you are using 10 inches, 16 inches or 18 inches wedding sparklers, then it is suggested to select your designated lighters. You can line them where brides & guests are supposed to walk. The guests can touch their lit sparkler to another guests wedding sparkler, which can instantly lighten them up.

How to display wedding sparklers Or How to do wedding sparklers?

If the wedding sparklers are allowed at your wedding venue, then you can display them indoors and in open areas too. You can display them in the parking lot in the nearby open field. You can also mix all of them for a unique look in your centrepieces.

This allows guests to use them at their leisure time too or can use them in a coordinated event. You can create a table tent or small card for placing next to centrepiece as well.

What are the best wedding sparklers?

The best wedding sparklers can be purchased from reputed sellers. It can give you a sparkle effect and they are not at all smoky because they are dipped twice in sparkler composite when they are made. This makes them 100% best and safe for its users.

When to use wedding sparklers?

You can use your wedding sparklers during the grand exit from the reception. This can make the bride and groom feel special. This moment can also help you in capturing beautiful moments.

Where to buy wedding sparklers?

You can buy wedding sparklers both offline and from online store like This is the best-selling site which is known for its 100% safe and reliable wedding sparklers. You can go through the sparklers details and can place a simple order of as many packages as you want.

Wedding sparklers tags

The best way for personalizing the wedding is by putting sparklers in sleeves or tying of tags around these wedding sparklers. You can find tags online and can get the personalized one for your sparkler.

Wedding sparklers bucket

When it comes to a wedding, all the details that you plan for your special day is very important. You can also get your hands on the wedding sparklers bucket which are available to give a chic and easy look for holding the sparklers. Check out these amazing sparkler buckets too.

Wedding sparklers photos

The wedding photography with these wedding sparklers is highly in demand these days. People order these sparklers for writing the word Love in weddings. Capturing this is also an art and it can be done with exceptional photography only. The sparklers can also be the best photograph with the iPhone too.

Wedding sparklers ebay

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Wedding sparklers bulk

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Wedding sparklers ideas

There are different and personalized ideas for using these wedding sparklers in your event. Many people buy them for lighting them up during the grand exit while some people prefer lighting them in an open field or parking lot for an amazing look and feel. The wedding sparklers can best help in capturing spectacular photos too.

Wedding sparklers near me

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Where to find wedding sparklers?

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