How long will Sparklers Burn?

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How long will Sparklers Burn?

Timing is key for a well-executed event. We’ve created a handy Sparkler Burn-Time Chart to assist in your perfect event-planning.
Rule of Thumb: “The longer your sparkler, the longer time it will burn for.”

Length of Sparkler:

Sparklers are created in varying sizes ranging from 4” inch Sparklers to 18” inch Sparkles and longer. The length of the sparkler will determine the length of time that it will burn for.

Small-sized sparklers, such as the 4” inch sparklers to the 7” inch sparklers, will burn for approximately 20 -30 seconds, which is the perfect time for a cake-decoration to be lit and noticed by all.

A medium-sized 10” inch sparkler to 14” inch long sparkler, will burn for as long as a minute or more. Medium sparklers are safe for guests to hold in their hands and can still be used safely as decorations on cakes and as table centre-pieces.

A large-sized 16” sparkler to 18” inch sparkler will burn for well over a minute. This is definitely the correct size sparkler to use for outdoor light-shows, that will send out showers of the rainbow or golden-coloured sparks o dazzle your guests!


The Burning Question

How long will my sparklers burn for? That is the burning question. If you are planning to take the perfect photographic shots and if you want to make sure it all sparkles along brilliantly,  you will need to execute your event-timings exactly. Plan to have at least one sparkler per guest. If you’re smart, you’ll plan for a couple of extra sparklers per guest to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Sparkler Burn Time Chart:

Print out this useful chart to make sure you are spot on with your sparkler event timings. Remember to follow the safety guidelines and tips. We wish you a wonderful and fun event with your sparklers from Sparklers UK

  • 4" Inch (100 mm) long - Sparklers last around 25 Seconds
  • 7" Inch (175 mm) long - Sparklers last around 40 Seconds
  • 10" Inch (200 mm) long - Sparklers last around 60 Seconds
  • 14" Inch (350 mm) long - Sparklers last around 1 min 10 Seconds
  • 16" Inch (400 mm) long - Sparklers last around 1 min 25 Seconds
  • 18" Inch (450 mm) long - Sparklers last around 1 min 40 Seconds