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The Best Sparklers For Your Wedding Exit Sendoff

You don't want to be left out when you consider using sparklers for your special wedding exit. When you decided to use sparklers instead of a more traditional item for your grand wedding exit, you need to know some basic things to make the event even more beautiful. Wedding Sparklers are a great way to enlighten your wedding ceremony.


What Exactly Is A Wedding Exit?

Even though most people know the concept of a wedding exit, it is better to offer a short introduction to help you go through the basics. While there are many names given to the wedding exit they are all the same. It is the farewell of the new bride and groom for the honeymoon trip after they get married.

Choosing the Correct Sparklers

There are several sizes of wedding sparklers, and since you're probably not generally an expert in sparklers, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which size to choose. Fortunately, it mainly breaks down to the number of guests you have at your wedding and the length of time you want the sparklers. For about 1 minute 40 seconds, an 18 " wedding sparkler gives you enough time to leave the wedding, there are of course Giant Sparklers as well. There are also Indoor Sparklers with less smoke, or if the weather is good you can also use Outdoor Sparklers, with Wedding Sparkler Buckets to keep the sparklers ready for your guests. You may have confetti cannons also with the sparklers.

Where to Make the Wedding Exit

It is very important to choose the place to leave your wedding hall. In some places, couples can only use sparklers in certain areas, so your decision is much easier. Other venues will be more flexible, where your wedding exit is possible with sparklers. At the main entrance to your ceremony is commonplace to hold a wedding exit.

Get Your Guests In the Right Location

Once you have selected a location, you have to plan where everybody will be. Typically, the newlywed couple walks down an exit line between two rows of guests. Make sure that you keep the two lines at least 8 meters apart or that you walk comfortably down the centre without worrying about bumping into the sparklers that the guests held in the air. It is also a good idea for someone to be responsible for your wedding exit.

Lighting the sparklers

One of the most important parts for your wedding exit is to get all of the sparklers lit up in good time. Use Wedding Sparkler Lighters to get the job done for a small group of gusts but if you have over 50 guests we would suggest using the Wedding Sparkler Flares as you need to light them quickly enough. Candles and blowtorches are the two most powerful ways to light multiple wedding sparklers in a hurry too.

Basic safety rules

Safety must always be your top priority, and a great exit can be a disaster otherwise. Keep at least one fire extinguisher at your disposal and to ensure that your guests have a place to safely put their used sparklers after the exit. A couple of Buckets filled with water or sand is ideal.