Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

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Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

You’re planning the perfect wedding with sparklers. Everything must run smoothly, so good info is key! Read here about the important differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers.

General info about Sparklers:

Sparklers are essentially mini-fireworks that send off showers of brilliant sparks for about 40 seconds to about one minute and a half The length of burning time depends on how long the sparklers are.

Sparklers also come in many wonderful colours. There is a wide selection of gold, silver, pink, blue, yellow and many other rainbow coloured sparklers. At Wedding Sparklers we always anticipate your every need. We provide only the best quality sparklers for all occasions.


Regular Sparklers:

Regular Sparklers are safe to use indoors and outdoors, but the general rule is to use smaller sized sparklers indoors. Larger sparklers (over 16” Inches in length) are best lit up outside the venue, in order to prevent any unforseen accident, which may detract from the occasion (and incur an extra bill from the owners of the venue).

Regular sparklers are basically sticks, made of a durable material, which are between 7” Inches to 20” Inches long. They are then coated with a chemical solution on their top third sections. This coating is then lit with a butane flame and it starts off on a chemical reaction, creating dazzling sparks. Sparklers are perfectly safe to be held in a persons’ hand, provided the person does not touch the burning part of the sparkler, before or after burning.

It’s important that your sparklers are safely disposed of, so make sure you have a bucket of sand prepared for your guests, marked with a clear sign that indicates where to put the sparklers once they’ve burnt out.


Sparklers for Weddings:

Generally speaking, sparklers for weddings are much the same as regular party sparklers. The colour choice of wedding sparklers is gold, rather than silver or rainbow colours. Gold sparkles give off an enchanting ambient light that is optimal for photography shots and creating a romantic vibe.

Wedding sparklers also come in heart shapes and star shapes which are perfect for decorating the wedding cake, as centre-pieces on the guests’ tables or creating unique photo ops.

If you are planning to have 50 guests (or more), we suggest that you bulk buy wedding sparklers at Wedding Sparklers. They come in a gold colour which will be perfect for your soft yet glowing lighting. Wedding sparklers in bulk are your best bet to make considerable savings on your wedding budget.


The Perfect Bulk Buy Wedding Sparkler

We found the ideal size sparkler to be 14” Inches long. This is a size that is comfortable in the hand and also suitable for use for decorations or displays. The gold wedding sparklers come in bulk buy packages of 50, 100 and 150 pieces. Count on at least one sparkler per wedding guests.

If you are planning to use wedding sparklers during your wedding send-off,  count on a minimum of 2 sparklers per guest.

We wish you a wonderful wedding with many sparkles. Remember to buy your wholesale wedding sparklers from Wedding Sparklers today.