Your Own Guide For Buying Sparkler Candles

Your Own Guide For Buying Sparkler Candles


Cakes are the centre of attraction of every occasion, so it is required to present the cake in the most sparkling way. Sparkler candles serve this purpose of adding a glint to your cakes no matter what the occasion is. Be it your birthday party, wedding party or any celebration party, sparkler candles never fail to add gleaming sparkle at the top. They release little-to-no smoke and do not leave any residue behind like regular candles on the cake. Take off your cake with sparkling glitter by using sparkler candles. Nothing can make a cake look more festive than putting a sparkler candle on it.

Sparkler Candle

A sparkler candle may differ from an ordinary regular candle in many ways. The regular candle lights up only a flame and is not at all fancy but seems to be boring for many children. Sparkler candles are attractive and appealing to all from children to adults. They are available in a wide variety with attractive designs and sparkles emerging out from them. They look fabulous when coloured sparkles and flames come out of them.

Sparkler candles can be used for kid’s party cakes but it should be taken care that those kids are not allowed to play with them. Adults should supervise the use of sparklers and they should be removed before serving the cake. Sparklers are a great way to celebrate any special day but conditions being you are always sparkler safe.

What are sparkler candles?

If you wish to throw a birthday party or an anniversary party, then you should be aware of the fact that a visually stunning party is preferred by all. According to research, the most convenient way to uplift the atmosphere of the party is to focus on spectacular visual display by keeping in mind the small details which make the party attractive.

Apart from decoration at a birthday party, the next thing which catches the attention of children is the birthday cake. Sparkler candles are used to enhance the beauty of the cake on many special events making it even more memorable. They spice up your birthday or any corporate, wedding event by spreading its sparkles. They keep on re-lighting again and again, till they completely burn out.

Are sparkler candles safe?

The sparkles emitted by the candles are completely safe on the cake. These candles don’t shoot off many sparks, so they aren’t likely to burn you. All sparklers are not equal but mostly they are food safe. Food grade sparklers make sure that small particles that fall off on the cake are not harmful when taken in.

 The chemicals used in the sparklers are not of any concern as long as you are opting for smokeless and ashless sparkler candles. The chemicals released from sparklers never make you sick and these sparkler candles are better than regular candles that leave behind toxic wax as a residue after burning.

Can sparkler candles be blown out?

 You cannot blow it out but you can certainly feel extremely special by enjoying the beautiful sparks produced by these candles. These candles are just like mini fireworks for your cake and who doesn’t like seeing fireworks? They are an amazing choice to replace old and boring regular candles. They have a tendency to re-ignite and sparkle for a minute, no matter how much you try to blow them out.

Do sparkler candles blow out?

The sparkler candles cannot be blown out like regular candles. They keep on glowing for about a minute or so to make you feel special allowing you to enjoy beautiful sparkles emerging from them. In case your child wish to blow out the candle you may place two sparkler candle on the opposite edges of the cake with regular candle in between, so that he can make a wish by blowing out the candle.

Can you take sparkler candles on a plane?

Under the latest TSA regulations, sparkler candles cannot be carried along while travelling on a plane. In case you require them to carry from one place to other, you need to do special paperwork and pay additional fees to get the permit. If you take them on a plane, you will be detained in airport jail until the cops arrive to investigate into the matter.

Can you buy sparkler candles?

You can purchase 100% authentic and high-quality sparkler candles online from  There are a variety of sparkler candles to choose from at a very reasonable price. The facility of next day delivery is promised if you order before 4 pm and the candle sparklers will reach you in no time.

How do sparkler candles work?

A sparkler consists of several different compounds namely fuel, an oxidizer, iron powder, and a binder. The fuel is charcoal powder, a binder can be sugar and potassium nitrate is commonly used as an oxidizer. When you light up the candle, a chemical reaction takes place due to which sparkles occur.

How to light sparkler candles?

Sparkler candles can be lit instantly with just a touch of flame. It is recommended to use a candle lighter or a punk stick (lighter with long ends) to light up these candles. Do not use traditional lighters that offer a strong flame because it will force your fingertip close to sparkler and when sparkler will erupt, it may burn out your finger.

How long do sparkler candles last?

Sparkler candles may last up to a minute and produce extremely bright and showery light. The duration of glowing also depends on the size and quality of the candle used. Some sparklers keep on glowing till the time you put a cap on them. The long-lasting quality of candle sparklers makes children wonder the secret behind it.

How to make sparkler candles?

Sparkler candles are not so difficult to make but condition being you have sufficient knowledge of chemistry and various other compounds. The materials required are iron wires, potassium chlorate, aluminium granules, charcoal and dextrin in water solution.

Mix the dry ingredients with dextrin to make a moist slurry. Dip the wire in the mixture. Allow it to dry completely by leaving it in open place. After a few hours, your candle is ready to sparkle. The problem is that it may not give many sparkles as compared to a readymade candle. So it is better to go for buying a candle rather than making it at home.

How to light sparkler candles numbers?

Birthday sparkler candle numbers are a great way to show off the age of the child or number of years of the anniversary. They look much attractive on a cake as compared to regular candles. These numbers of candles can be lit just by a touch of flame and give you amazing sparkling experience.

 How to put out sparkler candles?

Sparkler candles continue to glow for about a minute. You cannot put out the sparkle in between but after they have stopped burning, wait for some time to let the wire cool down and then you may dispose the candle into the trash.


What are sparkler candles made of?

Sparkler candles are made of a chemical mixture that is coated on a rigid stick or wire. The chemicals are mixed with water so that the slurry can be coated easily on the wire by dipping into the tube. Once the mixture of chemicals dries up, you have your sparkler ready to use.

A variety of chemicals are also added to create colourful sparkles. The fuel and the oxidizer are mixed proportionally along with other chemicals so that the sparkler candle burns slowly rather than exploding just like a firework.

Where to get sparkler candles?

You can purchase sparkler candles offline as well as online. The prices and quality may differ on various platforms. You can buy authentic and safe sparkler candles by visiting our store online at  The delivery time is minimal so your candles will arrive before any event and there will be no delay in the same.

Where to find sparkler candles?

You can find sparker candles at all the stores nearby your place. There are a variety of sparkler candles to choose from like birthday cake sparklers, number candle sparklers, gold birthday candle sparklers and many more. It will be easy for you to find these attractive candles online rather than going to shop for searching the right one.

Who sells sparkler candles?

Sparkler candles are sold by many retailer shops all over the country. You can visit the store to choose from various categories. The only limitation of buying sparkler candles from nearby your stores is that you will not get access to a lot of variety. The price comparison is easier when you buy a product online.

Where to buy cheap sparkler candles?

At you will find the prices of sparkler candles very low and competitive. All the products available at the website are safe, genuine and authentic. Sparkler candles go through various levels of quality checks before it reaches you.

Sparkler candles for cakes

Food grade sparkler candles are best suited for cakes on various occasions such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate events, etc. They don’t cause any degradation to the quality or the taste of the cake. They enhance the appearance of the cake, giving an edge and beautiful touch to the occasion.

Sparkler candles for birthday cakes

Birthday candle sparklers are an incredibly fun way to bring more excitement and charge the atmosphere of the party. Instead of boring wax birthday candles, sparkler candles for birthday cakes make the guest of honour feel special and recognized as the candles shower out the colourful and beautiful sparks out of them.

Sparklers near me

With so many options to choose from, you might miss out some varieties if you visit offline stores one by one. In this growing age of e-commerce, our company has made it simple for you to shop for sparkler candle from the ease of your home. You can choose from hundreds of categories and sizes which sparkler candle suits the best for your occasion.

The quality of products delivered by us will not disappoint you rather you will re-visit the website to order more candles for your next event.

Sparkler candles how to light

Matches are a better option to light sparkler candles in comparison to traditional lighters. Traditional lighters might cause injury to your hand when the sparkler suddenly erupts. The key to light sparkler candle is to just expose them to a little flame and then immediately remove your hand from the fuse end. The advantage of lighting up candles from matches is that it offers a distance between the sparkling flame and your fingerprint.

Another alternative lighting method is to use BBQ lighter that can quickly light up your cake sparkler candle without burning or causing any injury to your hand. Each sparkler candle produces six to eight inches of flames of sparkle; therefore enough space should be there before lighting them up.

Sparkler candle numbers

Sparkler candles are available in different shapes and sizes that could be customized as well depending on the occasion they are used in. Sparkler candle numbers are mostly used in birthday parties which are in the shape of numbers ranging from zero to nine. They are better in comparison to traditional candles as they may signify year or age or any number concerned to that event clearly. When two sparkler candle numbers glow together in a dark room, they magnify the beauty of the occasion to hundred times.

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