Candle Sparklers

Welcome to If you need a special accessory for your wedding reception, then turn your wedding cake from a standard centrepiece into a sparkling spectacle with
Wedding Candle Sparklers make your day sparkle
Your wedding theme is an essential piece of your wedding reception. Bringing it to sparkling life with some specialised wedding candle sparklers creates a fantastic, glorious sight for your guests to behold.
Real value that’s safe to sparkle and safe to eat
Artistic impression in your wedding theme is important and what better way to brighten your wedding reception photos and videos up than with a wedding candle sparkler display?
Wedding candle sparklers have great entertainment value for your reception, they can be used to put on an impressive display.
Use wedding candle sparklers to;
  • Make a statement as you enter the venue.
  • Light up the speeches.
  • Have a romantic, sparkling first dance together.
  • Turn the presentation of your wedding cake into a spectacular, interactive experience.
  • Make your wedding photos stand out.
Presentation is everything and with wedding caandle sparklers, you couldn’t ask for a more stunning visual effect.
Your safety is important to us at Our sparklers burn without developing smoke.
They have no harmful residue and are food safe. So, while it may look like a rocket fuelled extravaganza as you cake lights up, it’s completely safe to eat when the show is done.
At we value the opportunity to help you turn your cake into a sparkling performance worthy of your guest’s attention.
Why choose
Our sparklers are made from the best materials and are guaranteed never to give you a dud. We understand that the last thing you need is for one of the sparklers to be a dud, right as you start to light the display.
Our client service consultants are there for you to answer any questions you may have on wedding candle sparklers.
Wedding candle sparklers and other great sparkler products from can be incorporated into your big days wedding theme, they are a trendy, fashionable addition to your wedding reception accessory’s.
Get in touch with your ideas
If you or your wedding planner would like to reach out to us, we are available to you to discuss your ideas and make suggestions on what would work for your unique venue and theme.
Wedding candle sparklers offer fantastic value for money and provide a tremendous visual experience, leaving a sparkle in every one of your guest’s eyes as they watch you cut into your cake as man and wife, or walk into a venue amidst a spectacular display.
Order Online with
For a user-friendly purchase experience, place your order for your wedding candle sparklers directly through our site. Order online and take advantage of our super speedy shipping. We aim to provide our clients with a hassle-free, sparkling shopping experience.
The first sparkle of a life to come
Your wedding reception is the official celebration of the start of your married life together. Turn it into a sparkling affair that you will remember forever with wedding candle sparklers for your wedding cake and visual entertainment displays.