Food Safe Sparklers

Food Safe Sparklers

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Want to make your wedding cake extra memorable? Your 3-year-old doesn’t let you remove the candles from his cake? No problem, we present to you the food safe sparklers. Available in many categories, these sparklers wouldn’t just add beauty to your function, but also would not ruin your food.

Be it your wedding or you want to make it up to your spouse, these sparklers won’t deflect the mood by emitting a lot of smoke. These low–smoke, high-quality, food-safe sparklers won’t betray you even if the food item you put them on, does!

 Whether you want them numbered, lettered or in some special shape or colour, we have them all. We also have special fountain sparklers, which would increase the beauty of the already beautiful edible fountains (like chocolate and Nutella fountains) without effecting their taste and quality. And remember almost zero smoke emission just adds to the already high quality of the sparklers!


What are food safe sparklers?

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Food safe sparklers are non-toxic sparklers which are used to decorate the food items like cakes, puddings and fountains. Unlike the normal sparklers, they do not intoxicate and ruin your food and are completely safe to beautify the required eatable. Apart from being non-toxic, differing from your regular sparklers these do not emit a huge amount of smoke and hence would not lead to the breathing problems and pollute your surroundings. The quality of the sparklers speaks for itself and to celebrate something without ruining your health and the environment is just the correct way of celebrating!

Types of food-safe sparklers we provide

  • Lettered Numbered
  • Numbered
  • Uniquely shaped sparklers
  • Ice fountain sparklers
  • Sparkler candles
  • Handheld


Lettered sparklers

Shaped in the form of a letter and can be used to write the full name or initials of the person associated with the celebration.

Size – 17 cm

Variants – Letters from A to Z

Numbered Sparklers

Shaped in the form of numbers just like the numbered candles for the celebration of the anniversary of some celebration.

Size – 17 cm

Variants – Numbers from 0 to 9

Uniquely shaped sparklers

To provide some extra touch to the uniqueness, the sparklers are also available in shapes like stars and diamonds

Size – 17 cm

Variants – Heart-shaped and Star-shaped

Ice fountain sparklers 

Coming in 2 variants, gold and silver these extra special sparklers would illuminate your fountains.

Size – 15 cm

Variant – Gold variant and silver variant

Sparkler candles 

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Just like cake candles, these multi-coloured sparkler candles can be used on the top of your cake and would light up your function

Size – 17 cm

Handheld Sparklers

These can be used just like other handheld sparklers and are available in both indoor and outdoor variants.

Size – 7 inches, 10 inches, 14 inches. 16 inches, 17 inch and 18-inch sparklers. 

Bulk buy sparklers also available

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Want to buy not a few but in bulk? We also provide the option of wholesale bulk buying!

We also provide,

  • Party Supplies
  • Wedding Fireworks
  • Wedding sparkler tags
  • Wedding sparkler sign posters
  • Wedding sparkler buckets
  • Wedding sparkler buckets
  • Wedding sparkler lighters
  • Wholesale sparklers

To not make you wait and give you the best experience we provide orders all over the UK with a very fast delivery time.

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