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Our Long Sparklers give you a long experience of fun

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If you are not new to the world of sparklers, then you would have noticed that sparklers come in different shapes, colours, designs and sizes. Since the last couple of years, long sparklers have become quite popular amongst sparkler users. One of the main reasons why long sparklers have become quite popular is because they can last a longer amount of time compared to regular sized sparklers.

Up until recently, people had a small range of sparklers to choose from. However, sparkler manufacturers have used their creativity to manufacture a more varied assortment of sparklers for people to choose from, to meet their requirements. It is reasonable to say that the standard sparkler is between 7" inches to 10" inches long in length. Furthermore, any sparkler which is longer than 16" inches in size can be called a long sparkler. The benefits of these long sparklers over standard-sized sparklers is that they allow you to have a long-lasting experience of fun.


Features of Long Sparklers and why you should buy them

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Just like the other sparklers in the world of sparklers, our long sparklers come in different shapes, designs and colours. The only thing different about them compared to other sparklers is... the size! Obviously, you would have an assortment of sparklers to choose from. However, we recommend picking the sparklers which suit the theme of your event be it through the sparkler's colour, shape or design. Long sparklers can be used in almost any event ranging from birthday parties and anniversaries to weddings, New Year's Day and many other events!

Our long sparklers do not produce any unpleasant odour or smell, they are also safe to use just like our other sparklers. The 16" inch sparklers we have for sale last approximately 1 minute and 25 seconds, whilst the 18" inch sparklers last for approximately 1 minute 40 seconds. All our long sparklers come in gold, coloured or crackling burn effect - just like our other sparklers. Furthermore, they can be used by anyone, but children must be supervised by adults when using these sparklers.

Select the Long Sparkler to satisfy your event's requirements

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As of now, we have around 9 sparklers in our Long Sparklers collection. However, we may have more by the time you're reading this. In this collection of wonderful sparklers, we have many brands of sparklers ranging from British Bulldog, Benwell and Bright Star to Brothers and others. We have reasonable prices to suit your needs. So, if you are on a low budget, then don't worry - our prices are reasonable!

Another benefit of purchasing from us is that the sparklers have long expiration dates - they last a couple of years! This means that if you have any leftover sparklers from the event which you haven't used, then you can keep it and use it for your next event. This would save you money, or maybe you can even put a smile on the faces of your guests by gifting them with the leftover sparklers.