Medium Sparklers

Medium Sparklers - Bigger than small, Smaller than Big

Some people think that medium means average. Well, let us tell you that this is not the case whatsoever. The idea behind medium sparklers is that it's a solution for those who would find a long sparkler to be too much for them, and a mini sparkler to be too small for them. Our medium sparklers are the in between these two choices, and hence provide a solution by being a bit of both. Our customers have confirmed that they provide great fun with any big problems.

The history of sparklers tells us that sparklers were invented in China many centuries ago. However, back then they used to be very limited in their choices of sparklers. In current times, we have a wide range of sparklers available to us. Sparklers are known for the awesome visual displays that they produce. All our sparklers produce awesome visual displays. The only difference between our other sparklers and our medium sparklers is simply the size of the length.


Features of Medium Sparklers

How can we define what a medium sparkler is? Well, on our website any sparkler between the sizes of 10" inches and 14" inches are known by us as a medium sparkler. These sparklers are bigger than our mini sparklers ranging in the sizes of 4" inches, 6" inches and 7" inches. But they are smaller than our long sparklers ranging in the sizes 16" inches to 18" inches. It is important to note that the size of the sparklers determines how long the effects of the sparkler last. Most are medium sparklers can be used both indoors and outdoors as they generate low smoke levels, and they don't have a nauseating odour to them. However, just to be safe, we recommend you check the individual product details for confirmation on whether your chosen sparkler is compatible to be used in your preferred location be it indoors or outdoors.

Wondering where would the ideal place be to use medium sparklers? Just like all our other collections, our medium sparklers also come in different shapes, colours, sizes and shapes. The burn effects of these medium sparklers come in gold, coloured and crackling effect. This makes them ideal for events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, New Year's Day celebrations, etc. The reason for this is because they produce great memorable visual displays which your guests should enjoy, and hence make the occasion more memorable for everyone present.

For birthday parties, these sparklers can be placed on top of your cake, or maybe held in everyone's hands whilst they sing happy birthday. Also, they can be used for weddings such as when the couple enter the room, they can be ignited by the guests to create a more memorable entrance. Our sparklers can be used for almost any occasion be it big or small!


Why buy Medium Sparklers from us?

Well apart from having a wonderful assortment of medium sparklers for sale on our website, we only sell quality products on our website. If you purchase from our website, know that you are purchasing quality products. Furthermore, our prices are reasonable, and we have sold thousands of sparklers across the United Kingdom already. So, don't worry. We will make you happy with your purchase, if you have any problems with our products, then we'll sort it out for you.