Mini Sparklers

A small product with Big results - Mini Sparklers

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When hosting any event be it public or private, you'd want to make it unique for your guests. Our mini sparklers are a simple but practical solution for this, they can make your event more unique compared to standard events. A mini sparkler is more or less the same as a standard sparkler, the only difference is that they are small in size. However, make no mistake. These sparklers may be small in size, but they pack a mean punch for you and your guests to enjoy. They create a wonderful visual display for everyone to experience, and they will make your event livelier!


Facts about Mini Sparklers

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Not long ago, people only had a small variety of choices when it came to buying sparklers for events. These sparklers usually came in the same sizes with the same shapes and produced only white and gold sparkle effects. However, we can now choose between a huge variety of sparklers ranging in different sizes, colours, shapes and designs. Mini sparklers are one of the types of sparklers which range from 4” inches in size. There is a common misconception that small sparklers don’t last very long compared to big sparklers. However, this is not 100% true. We agree that the length of the sparkler is a factor to the duration that it lasts, but other factors also come into play – such as the material that the sparklers are made from. With our mini sparklers, you can expect for the sparklers to last a good duration of time. Our 4” inch mini sparklers last approximately around 25 seconds. These sparklers are a terrific addition to a place on top of cakes due to their cuteness in size.


Features of Mini Sparklers

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Our mini sparklers can be used at almost any events ranging from birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding ceremonies, graduation parties, and many other events – preferably with cake. Our mini sparklers are a great and fun replacement to standard, boring candles. They can be placed on cakes, and then ignited to produce a great visual display for everyone.

Our mini sparklers are really convenient for usage as due to the nature of their small size, they can be placed in many different places and positions. They are also safe to use, as they only produce low smoke levels and do not produce any bad odour.


Selecting and Purchasing from our Mini Sparklers

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When selecting and buying your sparklers, you would want to ensure that you are purchasing from the right seller in order to avoid problems down the line. Well, by purchasing from us, you won’t have to worry about this. We sell high-quality sparklers from reputable brands such as royal party, British bulldog, Benwell, etc.

If mini sparklers don’t suit your needs, and you are looking for something with an extra kick then we suggests having a look at our Fountain Candles collection on our website. If you purchase from our website, then we will directly ship the sparklers to your doorstep without any hassle for you.