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Our outdoor wedding sparklers are the perfect touch for your venue, giving it a sparkling display of light that makes for the most amazing photo shots and memories that you can look back on for years to come.
Sparkling impact of Outdoor Wedding Sparklers
Our outdoor wedding sparkler is a great way to light things up with excitement on your wedding day. If you are having an outdoor reception, then our large outdoor sparklers make a striking impact to the open-air venue of your wedding reception.
Outdoor wedding sparklers at night
When the lights go down and the stars come out at an outdoor wedding sparklers can provide a dramatic and romantic effect in the atmosphere.
Creating large displays of sparklers, or sparkler wheels are great ways to keep the visuals coming all throughout the reception. With an outdoor area, you have all the fresh air to work with and there is so much more you can do with them.
Uses for outdoor wedding sparklers at your venue
From decorating your venue with sparkler displays, to dressing up the buffet areas of enhancing the spectacle of your live entertainment and dance floor, outdoor wedding sparklers are a must to bring your wedding reception to life.
Give your guests some fun
Get your guests engaged with one another and leave them all a personalised packet of sparklers at their table.
You can add some fun descriptions of ideas to do with your outdoor wedding sparklers and even include some basic safety tips to keep your guests safe while they play around with the sparklers.
Give you wedding photos and edge
Hire a wedding photographer and get them to do shoots with your guests as they play with the sparklers.
Let them spell out messages with a long exposure shot and trap their light in motion with a variety of action shots.
Anyway you want to look at it, you will find the brilliance and practical fun offered by outdoor wedding sparklers can give you and your guests a whole load of fun.
Outdoor wedding sparklers inspire creativity and watch your guests get involved with the fun as they put their sparklers in the air and create you a wedding mural like no other.
Get advice & ideas
Our friendly client service team are always available to you to discuss ideas for using your outdoor wedding sparklers.
Feel free to talk to your wedding planner about the best uses of wedding sparklers on your big day. Sparklers have become a hot trend in all the latest wedding shows and with the way they amplify wedding photos, we can understand why.
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