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Sparklers for wedding

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A wedding is the most precious, special, and memorable moment in anyone's life as you are going to spend your whole life with a person you always wanted to be with. Since it is the most memorable moment, you have to make sure that everything goes perfectly.

There are new wedding trends in society, and the biggest of all of them is Sparkler Send-Offs. Unlike other wedding trends that come and go, Sparklers at weddings has been here to stay. It is the most classic style that cannot be replaced, and there is no other trend that can beat Sparklers for weddings.

Couples prefer to celebrate their big day with this fun and creative send-off. If you are also committed to this trend, you need to know the best Sparklers at the wedding.

Today, in this post, I will discuss everything about Sparklers for the wedding that you want to know so that you can make your wedding an unforgettable, fun-filled, and an everlasting experience.

So, let’s get started!

But before moving forward, if you don’t know what Sparklers for the wedding is, let’s briefly discuss it first.

Sparklers Send-Off for weddings

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Before choosing a sparkler for a wedding, you should know their ins and outs. The send-Off is a worldwide wedding tradition that has been there for decades. Guests throw rice at the couple who is getting married as a way to wish them luck. However, this tradition has now been changed over time, and now it includes bubbles, confetti, and sparkles.

The tradition is celebrated at the end of the wedding reception when the couple is preparing to leave. The guests gather around the couple to cheer and wish them a happy married life. A sparkler send-off includes a handheld firework that sparks different colour flames. The guests light a sparkler and line-up on both sides of the exit path. This moment looks so beautiful that you remember forever.

Best Sparklers at weddings

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Now I hope that you have gained a clear understanding of what sparklers send-off is; it's time to discuss the best Sparklers for weddings that you can use.

1-    10 Inch Sparklers

If you want to have the smallest size of sparklers, you should go for 10-Inch Sparklers. These types of sparklers are traditional, and you might find them familiar if you ever attended a wedding sparklers send-off.

These sparklers burn instantly and don't take more than 50 seconds. They are great to have and ideal for small weddings. They also don't take much time to light them up and gather around the couple to celebrate the sparkler's send-off.

Since they burn so quickly, I highly recommend using a bundle of 3 to five sparklers at once. You need to tie the bundle together with a coloured ribbon. After you have bound them together, light them up at the same time as other guests. Moreover, if you want to use them for longer, you can also spark them one by one.

2-    18-Inch Sparklers

18-Inch Sparklers are also great Sparklers for the wedding if there are about 150 or fewer guests present at a wedding. They are longer than Ten-Inch Sparklers, which means they also take more time to burn completely.

These wedding sparklers can take up to two minutes to burn so that you can celebrate the moment a bit longer. They also allow you more time to light and organize them along the send-off to cheer the moment.

Another advantage of using 18-Inch Sparklers at weddings is since they take more time to burn out, the photographer will also have more time to capture the perfect photo of this aesthetically beautiful moment. Moreover, as they take up to two minutes to burn, the couple will have more time to pose better or kiss for a perfect photograph.

3-    27-Inch Sparklers

If you don’t have any rush and want to celebrate the send-off moment for quite some time, you should consider 27-Inch Sparklers for weddings. They are the largest size available that you can have to celebrate the send-off moment calmly without any rush.

These Sparklers at weddings will take more than four minutes to burn out. I highly recommend them to use if the wedding is large and more than 150 guests are present. However, the guests are less than 150, 27-Inch Wedding Sparklers are a suitable option that you should use.

27-Inch Sparklers at weddings are the perfect option if you don’t want to feel your guest rush and let them celebrate the send-off moment at their own pace. Using 27-Inch Sparklers for weddings will take more time to light them up, get in place, and celebrate the send-off moment in style.

The more they will take time to burn, the more you will have the time to enjoy. And of course, your wedding photographer will also appreciate the time these sparklers will take because the photographer will also have more than enough time to shoot the perfect photographs.

4-    Heart-Shaped Sparklers

Heart-Shaped Sparklers is another type of Sparklers at a wedding that you can use to celebrate send-off moment. These Sparklers for weddings look incredibly beautiful when you lit them up. Heart-shaped sparklers take quite some time to burn out. They start burning from one side to another, which gives you more time to celebrate the tradition. However, they aren’t used often as people prefer using the ones that I have mentioned above.

5-    Eighteen-Inch Neon Wedding Sparklers

Last but not least, Eighteen-Inch Neon Sparklers at weddings are the most colourful Sparklers for the wedding that you can use to celebrate send-off moments. Each of these sparklers will give you a different colour when you light them up to make the send-off celebrations more spectacular.

The standard colours used in these sparklers include yellow, green, vibrant blue, and red. However, unlike other sparklers, they are not smokeless.


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Sparklers at weddings are the most spectacular moment that makes your wedding more fun and memorable. Above I have listed the best Sparklers for weddings that you can choose. However, if you’re going to buy Sparklers for the wedding, make sure to get them from a reputable seller.