13 Things To Know About Outdoor Sparklers

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13 Things To Know About Outdoor Sparklers


Sparklers are a type of hand-held fireworks that emit light coloured flames, sparks and other effects while burning slowly. A sparkler is often used by children and is much safer in comparison to traditional fireworks. According to many pieces of research, sparklers were first discovered and used in China many centuries ago. They are a very important part of any occasion being it from birthday parties to wedding anniversary parties.

Sparklers can be used indoors as well as outdoors depending on the event it has to be used in. The first sparklers used were outdoor sparklers. Since outdoor sparklers are used outside buildings that don’t mean they are not safe. Outdoor sparklers just like any other type of sparklers are completely sound and safe to use provided they are used with some precautions.

Outdoor sparklers are created in such a way that they can electrify and spark up the atmosphere on any big day without fail. They make your event perfect by adding that missing spark and leave all the guests satisfying. People are ready to do anything to make the celebration impressive and memorable but all they need in their party is the addition of sparklers. Sparklers will never disappoint you in terms of making your event successful and ravishing.

1. Outdoor Sparklers

Outdoor sparklers are also known as traditional sparklers. They are the most popular type of sparklers as per the records judging the number of sales over the last few decades. Earlier they were used only in China but gradually their market grew exponentially and now they are an important part of any occasion. They turn out to be a more practical and effective solution as compared to traditional sparklers.

The basic idea behind using these sparklers is to resemble stars in the sky. The shimmering sparkles produced are the significance of stars. No one ever imagined that they could hold a burning firework in their hands that wouldn’t cause harm to them. Outdoor sparklers have now become one of the basic elements of every celebration that adds up spice to the event.

Outdoor sparklers are enchanting and provide just the perfect charm for the evening. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Some come in regular sizes, while for people who love big things 18 inches sparklers are also available that burn for long. The size, colour, and type you should opt for completely depend on the theme and sparklers are easily compatible with any decorations. The sparkling effects produced by these sparklers will surely improve the atmosphere and the excitement of the attendees in the celebration.

2. Outdoor sparklers for weddings

A wedding is an important event in everyone’s life and people plan to turn the celebrations of their wedding day from dreams to reality. The popularity of wedding sparklers is increasing day by day because of the magical effect it produces on the day of the wedding. Outdoor sparklers are available in heart shape also which is perfect to add a romantic touch to your wedding.

Having a stream of glowing sparklers on the entrance or exit will not just make the couple happy but also make it one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences of their life. We have a dedicated monitor in charge that takes care of the quality and safety of the sparklers to avoid any accidents on the most special day of any couple.

So you can order 100% genuine, authentic and safe sparklers from http://wedding-sparklers.co.uk/. Check them out for stress-free shopping of sparklers.

The outdoor sparklers for weddings come in different sizes and the perfect size relates to the number of wedding guests and other preferences. For large weddings with a lot of guests, big wedding sparklers are best for your needs. Wedding entrance and exit will be a long affair, so selecting a big sparkler is recommended which can last for a long period. It ensures that they will have a remarkable impact on the guests.

3. Wedding outdoor sparklers

For a smaller wedding with fewer guests, you can add the magic of sparkler that will add an intimate feel but with more compact entrance and exit. Wedding outdoor sparklers are simple to use so there shouldn’t be any glitches on your wedding day.

It is recommended to find a place that is sheltered from the wind or adverse wedding conditions so that all these factors don’t interrupt in the celebration with sparklers.

4. How old to buy outdoor sparklers?

Outdoor sparklers are classified as fireworks and can be only sold to persons above 18 years of age. All the firework laws apply to sparklers as well. It is not a legal requirement to have any kind of training or license to buy sparklers but they should be bought under proper guidance and from genuine sources. Sparklers can be used by kids but should be bought only by adults.

You should never leave sparklers to children on their own as they might burn their hands. Children have no idea about how hot sparklers can get because of which they might end up burning themselves. It is our responsibility to look after them and never handle sparklers to children below 5 years of age.

5. What is the difference between outdoor sparklers and indoor sparklers?

Most of the people wonder about the difference between indoor sparklers and outdoor sparklers. In basic terms it can be explained as the sparklers which are safe to use inside are called indoor sparklers whereas the sparklers which cannot be used inside a room or hall are called outdoor sparklers. Outdoor sparklers need an open space to burn as they emit a large field of sparklers in comparison to indoor sparklers.

Indoor sparklers are fit to be used in birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc and serve may purposes. They can be used on cakes, on champagne bottles, as a decorative item on the table and in many more creative ways. They are usually made of the bamboo stick due to which less smoke is burned out and no toxic elements are released into the air.

They are visually attractive and used as great props for clicking amazing photographs. Indoor sparklers prove that big things are served in small packages and are very convenient to be used at any place.

6. Indoor sparklers VS outdoor sparklers

Indoor sparklers solve the problem of natural calamities like wind or rain. You can easily light them up within a second and they will charge up the atmosphere in no time. Many people have a dream of using sparklers on their special occasion but due to rain or wind, they are not able to do so. In such cases, indoor sparklers are very useful and solve this problem easily.

Outdoor sparklers have their advantages over indoor sparklers in terms of size and variety. Since outdoor sparklers have been into use from traditional days, they now come in different and large sizes which make them perfect to continue sparkling for a long time.

Outdoor sparklers appear to be more attractive and magnificent as they can be seen by a large number of people present in an event as compared to indoor sparklers that are accommodated in just a small space.

7. Outdoor sparklers age limit

There is no age limit to use these outdoor sparklers but they can be bought only by people of 18 years and above. Precautions should be taken care of while using them and children below 5 years of age should be kept away from them. Anything that is used under safety measures doesn’t cause harm and the same applies to outdoor sparklers.

Outdoor sparklers should be lit by kids under parental guidance only. They should strictly be used in an open space and not inside the home or covered venue to avoid accidents. The amazing and dazzling effects produced by such sparklers can be enjoyed by anyone but special attention must be paid on kids as after burning these sparklers are hot and if touched accidentally by small can cause serious injuries to them. Therefore, the disposal of these sparklers is very important after their use.

8. Outdoor wedding sparklers

Having a sparkler at your wedding creates a lovely and sparkling ambience but it is very important to take care of the safety issues as well. Though all our sparklers are safe if they are not handled properly, they might cause injuries or fatal accidents.

So to ensure the safety of guests take care that they hold the sparklers by extending their arms as far as possible but being aware of the people around them. It is important that their attention should be focused on the sparklers themselves.

9. Outdoor sparklers for wedding

It is obvious that guests want to make the people happy but the waving of sparklers should be done in a very slow and controlled manner to make sure that the sparkle doesn’t come in contact with anybody else present on the occasion. As the celebration continues into the night, sparklers should be safely discarded and should not be mixed with alcohol around.

Sparklers that we sell on http://wedding-sparklers.co.uk/ create very little smoke and are perfect to be used in your dream weddings as they don’t cause any suffocation as such. The quality of our sparklers to produce less smoke enables the photographer to click some amazing shots which will glorify your wedding album immensely. Therefore, sparklers are the perfect option to match the style of wedding you need and have many eye-catching moments throughout the day.

10. Outdoor floor sparklers

Outdoor floor sparklers are a special type of sparklers that lit up the floor with amazing effects. The sparkles emitted by them can be in different directions depending on the type of sparkler you choose. You should stand away from these sparklers while they are burning because of high flame and sparkles coming out of them. Keep children away from floor sparklers and enjoy the fanciful view of these sparklers burning.

11. Sparklers for outdoor floors

They can be used on wedding occasions when the couple makes entry through the passageway or before the beginning of any event to create a thrilling ambience around. Outdoor floor sparklers can only be used outside on floor and should not be used by holding in hands. They are designed in such a way that makes it suitable for you to enjoy without any worries regarding safety.

12. Large outdoor sparklers

Large outdoor sparklers offer a big touch of exquisite and memorable beauty to your party. By using large outdoor sparklers, you will increase the chance of making the event more memorable for both yourself and your guests. Unlike traditional parties, it will eliminate the boredom as guests will be engaged in enjoying the beauty and spark that these sparklers have to offer. We make sure that our customers get the best and high-quality sparklers to make their event shine.

Our fabulous range of party sparklers can be used for any party occasion and you can trust the selection of sparklers we have to offer you. Sparklers available at our website are cheap and affordable but with no compromise on quality and safety. You can choose the colour of sparkler suitable for you and matching the theme of the event. Our team strives for quality and customer satisfaction and we make sure to deliver the best service at your doorsteps.

13. Big outdoor sparklers

Outdoor sparklers will create an excellent effect even if a wedding or birthday party takes place in some restaurant with an outdoor venue or yard. They can be used in business celebration events, certain holidays, graduation ceremony and many other special occasions. They are completely harmless and much brighter than indoor sparklers because they have to be visible in larger space especially on day events and parties. 


You don’t have to worry much about odour or smoke as modern outdoor sparklers are odourless, eco-friendly and take care of the safety hazards. The material used in outdoor sparklers produces different effects and amazing colours that becomes a centre of attraction for everyone present.

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