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9 Ways to Use Sparklers at Your Wedding

Wedding Sparklers add excitement and fun to your wedding. At the end of the wedding night, the wedding sparklers are not a new trend which has just started. For the past 5 years, sparklers have been one of the most popular and reasonable wedding trends at Grand Wedding Exit! These sparklers can easily become a part of the best photos of your wedding night by taking wedding pictures. But we wanted to introduce other creative ways of using these sparklers of marriage on your wedding just at the end of the night. Don't think that at the end of your reception you can only use these sparklers; they are loads of fun and creative methods you can use throughout your day! There are party sparklers and cocktail sparklers to add to the never ending fun at your wedding. Display the sparklers in wedding sparkler buckets and your guests will love it. Check out our nine creative ways for your wedding with sparklers! In any of these unique ways consider adding a sparkle to your marriage.

1. Wedding Sparklers: The Sparkler Girl


Mix it up rather than your typical flower girl! Let her go down the aisle with a single lit brilliant wedding. This makes the moment invaluable and extraordinary. You have a truly unique, sparkling young lady coming through, instead of the traditional petals being thrown everywhere. To get rid of the norm and to make your marriage truly unique is what makes your big day a topic for years to come!

2. Professional Entry With Sparklers


Keep up with your family and loved ones as you descend the aisle. Have a really funny marriage ceremony! Every groom and bride can hold one sparkler each as she's closed in her arm and creates some wonderful photographs as she goes down slowly!

3. Sparklers Entry Specially Meant For The Bride


This might sound somewhat unorthodox, but you just have to get a little creative! Take on each side some chairs or tables and set up a sparkling bunch. Just before they start the music and open the doors, have your wedding coordinator lighten them!

4. Sparklers With a Kiss

Sparklers with a kiss

Try to hand the bridal party sparklers, as you engage in a lip-lock with your beloved one! Just before you close the eyes, your loved ones are behind you with sparklers and create a magical moment. Timing is all you need to make this awesome. It is better to practice a few times to make this work perfectly. This photo could become the first and last thing you can see every night next to your nightstand!

5. Lighting a Sparkler of Unity


A tradition that may require an upgrade from using the candles! You may still go on and have the unity process using candles, but again, wedding sparklers will illuminate them even more. This is sure to make your marriage ceremony even more brilliant.

6. Writing with Wedding Sparklers


You go to town for the fun picture after you kissed and sealed the deal on the stage! It's fun to everyone, so why not take some magical photographs. You can make writing with the sparklers in photographs. The professionals will help you create amazing words.

7. Cake Sparklers


Face it, the moment of the cake was cut off in weddings its lustre was lost. But the catering service wheel with the cake mobs attached to your wedding cake will catch everyone's attention! You will not believe how wonderful marriage cakes can look with the addition of sparklers to its decoration! Cake sparklers are virtually smoke and ash-free and won't harm your cake!

8. Indoor Sparklers


Sparkler for the first dance is another way to improve your marriage night! An 18-inch wedding sparkler that has a burning time of over 1.5 minutes will illuminate the dance floor with the bridal party and its guests! You will have to make sure for this ceremony you use long sparklers so that they last all through most of the songs!

9. Sparklers for wedding exit


This is, of course, the ultimate thing. Have the sparklers sparkling during the wedding exit with guest holding them like a guard of honour. Your wedding exit will be really special. It will be the most memorable photos of the wedding ceremony.