Top 10 UK Wedding Sparkler Buys

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Top 10 UK Wedding Sparkler Buys


Do you need to buy sparklers for your wedding? We found the top 10 must-have buys at Wedding Sparklers UK

Wedding sparklers are a must-have item at any wedding. These hand-held sized sparkling fire-works can be used for indoor or outdoor wedding parties.

In this informative article, we will reveal the top must-have wedding sparklers available to buy at Wedding Sparklers UK. Firstly, we consider the various qualities of sparklers, those beingthe ideal amount of sparklers to buy, the perfect length of sparkler to buy and the length of sparkler burning time.

Why buy wedding sparklers?

Wedding sparklers
are absolutely sensational when lit at special moments as part of the wedding event. Sparklers send out dazzling showers of golden, silver or rainbow-coloured sparkles. These fountains of light will illuminate the occasion, creating a sphere of radiance. This will provide a wonderful opportunity for a photographic shoot as the sparkler light creates a magical effect.

How many wedding sparklers to buy?

Most brides and grooms choose to buy wedding sparklers in larger size packages, or what we call bulk-buy packages at Wedding Sparklers UK. According to Hitched Wedding Planners, the average number of guests is 75 guests for a day-time wedding event and 101 guests for a marriage celebration that is held in the evenings.

It's best to buy your wedding sparklers in bulk packages in order to save money on your wedding spendings and budget. There are 3 different sized packages on offer at Wedding Sparklers Uk: 50 pieces per packet, 100 pieces per packet and 150 pieces per packet. It’s sensible to buy at least one wedding sparkler per guest attenuating the event.

If you are also considering buying wedding sparklers for smaller-sized decorative effects, then you might consider buying a pack of 2-8 pieces of wedding sparklers. The smaller packs are available for Indoor and Outdoor wedding events

Which length wedding sparklers are best?

Wedding Sparklers come in a few different conveniently sized lengths. 6” Inch, 7” Inch, 10”Inch and 14” Inch sparklers are considered to be the safest and the best to use for indoor events.  These sizes ensure that the sparkler can safely be placed on a wedding cake, in a champagne bottle, in a vase or on the dining table as a decoration They are also the perfect size for your guest's gift bags.

If you are planning an outdoor event, or a wedding-exit scenario outdoors, then the bigger sized sparklers can be used safely and dramatically. The sizes range from 14” Inches to 18”Inches or even as large as 20” Inches.  Read more in our blog post here to find out further about ordering the correct size of wedding sparklers.

Time and length of burning


The smaller sized sparklers of 6’” or 7” inches have a shorter length of burning time at about 40 seconds per sparkler. This burning time is most suitable for cake sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers.


10” and 14” Inch sparklers will burn for just over a minute, which makes them perfect hand-held sparklers. This burning time is appropriate for a wedding exit send-off or for the guests to burn during the speeches, or directly the first waltz of the bride and groom.


We supply bigger size sparklers at 16”, 17” and 18’ Inches long. These lengths of sparklers will burn for as long as 1 minute and 40 seconds, which means that they are wonderful for big outdoors displays.

Photoshoot Sparklers:

Sparklers are great for photographic opportunities because they light up the room or the area for enough time to get a well-lit shot. You can arrange for all your guests to light their sparklers at the same pre-planned moment in order to capture the perfect wedding image for your wedding album. It’s best to buy sparklers that burn for a longer period, such as the 14” Inch, 16” Inch or 18” Inch wedding sparklers. You’ll be guaranteed enough time to take several perfect shots that are dazzling lit with golden or silver showers of sparkles.

Top 10 Sparklers at Wedding Sparklers:

Sparklers best buys for Outdoor Weddings:

16” Inch Gold Outdoor Wedding reception Sparklers: 50 pieces per pack
10” Inch Gold Outdoor Wedding Day Sparklers: 100 pieces per pack
18” Inch Gold Outdoor Wedding Exit Sparklers: 150 pieces per pack
18”Inch Rainbow-Coloured Mammoth Big Sparklers 4 piece per pack
6“ Inch Ice Fountain Sparklers : 2 pieces per pack

Sparklers best buys for Indoor Weddings:
Heart shaped sparklers: 1 piece per pack
18” Inch Gold Indoor Wedding send-off Sparklers: 150 pieces per pack

18” Inch Big Giant Sparklers: 6 pieces per pack

17” Gold Indoor Bride and Groom Wedding Sparklers: 15 pieces per pack

6” Inch Attractive White Ice Fountain Sparklers : 4 pieces per pack