What Size Wedding Sparklers To Buy And How Many To Order?

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What Size Wedding Sparklers To Buy And How Many To Order?

Once you know how you plan to use them, you can start ordering your wedding sparklers. There are many places to get sparklers in UK. But you need to have the right ones for the best results. Before you place your order, there are also other things to consider. You can have different types of sparkler ideas such as sparklers for cakes, sparkler candles, and letter sparklers to choose from. You can also bulk buy sparklers to save money.

10 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

10- inch wedding sparklers make them ideal for couples on a budget and the most economical choice. They work extremely well for wedding favours and middle of the wedding, but they are not practical for photos or exit lines due to their shorter burn time of under 60 seconds.

14 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

One of the most popular wedding sparklers is the 14-inch sparklers because of its burning period of 1 minute and 10 seconds and relatively low price. They are ideal for photography because they are long-lasting but are small enough to handle in the air easily. They are also well suited to send-off lines with fewer than 50 guests, but you should consider an extra-long one if you expect more guests.

18 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

The longest option available is the 18-inch sparklers which are perfect for wedding exit. They can also be used for photos, but keeping them in the air is a little harder than one of the smaller ones available. It is best suited for the grand wedding exit function as they last for around 1 minute 40 seconds.

Other Sparkler Types

In addition to the above three standard sizes, other types of sparklers may be suitable for a wedding. For example, heart-shaped sparklers are much more romantic than regular types of sticks. There is also ice fountain sparklers to make a more spectacular event with your champagne bottles. Most other types of sparkles available for a specific use are not very practical for photos or wedding exit, or they should only be used to add to the wedding favour.

Number of Sparklers You Need

The number of sparklers you need depends on the number of guests you have and how they will use them, we say have one sparkler per guest and add a few more just in case some break. You'll need them burning long enough to have everybody light their sparklers, get into position and make your way out during the wedding exit if you planning to have one. Each sparkler has a certain burning duration and this should guide you for the one you want. Make sure that you make a realistic calculation of how long you want them to burn before ordering sparklers for your marriage and then order at least one for every guest.

The Right Time to Order and the Possible Shipping Time

It is imperative that you place your order in advance when ordering sparklers for the wedding, to ensure that they are able to arrive. It can take you several days or weeks, depending on where you order your wedding sparklers. You need to take into account both the shipping and handling time. To allow delivery it is highly recommendable to order sparklers at least two weeks before the actual wedding date.

Other considerations

There are other factors to consider, but most important is who is going to use them when you order sparklers for your marriage. If you plan to include children in your wedding, you may want to take long sparklers to keep them from the burning end. You may want to use them in a bar before you start to drink if you plan to have an open bar at your reception. Try to consider every aspect of your wedding day and decide which option is the most meaningful.