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How Many Wedding Sparklers Should You Buy?

Planning your wedding day is a difficult task at hand with so many things to do. Sparklers add fun to your wedding. But how will you choose the right number of Sparklers For Wedding? Of course, there are different types of sparklers with different purposes like Long Sparklers, Number Wedding Sparklers and so on. You may buy them from our website, we would suggest checking out the Bulk Buy Sparklers. But How Many Wedding Sparklers Do You Really Need?

The Wedding Exit


The best way to end your day is by having a wedding exit with sparklers. You will add to your guests the magic, sparkle and the best picture of the day. There are a few important things to know about sparklers. Let your wedding planner, photographer, and venue make provide you with an opportunity to make a seamless wedding exit for your magnificent day! We suggest in having one 18” Inch Sparkler per guest and a few more in case some break or you have some extra gusts turn up.

Choosing the Right Sparklers


It is extremely important to choose a sparkler of quality for your exit. You have come to the right place if you thinking of procuring the best sparklers in the UK. We have a wide array of sparklers to choose from. We have the old traditional Gold Sparklers to the modern ones like Coloured Sparklers and Crackling Sparklers. The 18 Inch Sparklers have a lightweight tip, burn for about 1 minute 40 seconds, and have a lovely sparkle of gold colour.

The 18 inches Sparklers is ordered by most brides as it is the longest one giving you ample time to have all the exit photography done and have a slow wedding exit. You do not have to hurry to save time before your sparklers are burnt off. It enables your guests enough time to line up to light up their sparklers.

Size of Sparklers Will Affect the Amount You Need


It is best to have at least one sparkler for every wedding guest. Sometimes, however, one sparkler will not be sufficient. Here is a straightforward formula to see how much sparklers your wedding guests may need and ought to have.

Keeping 3 sparklers per guest for the 10" inch sparklers is ideal at the wedding night. Multiply the guests by 2 if you have the 14" inch sparklers. These are ideal for toast or the first dance of the couple, and they produce fabulous photos. For Giant Sparklers have one sparkler per guest. Use these when the bride and groom are first announced or when the bride and groom are having a wedding exit.

Scheduling the Sparklers


Planning your sparklers is a vital part of your wedding. You want it to be at a time when you have a lot of guests at your disposal, but you certainly don't want to "exit" your party too soon. Your wedding planner is your best resource to figure out how long your schedule should be. Honeymooners are a nice way to finish your big day. We'd love to see the photos if you use our sparkling wedding!